From the miscellaneous drawer - Friends and readers

The Echo family is not just owners and staff members who have shared these many years together, it is also the over 3,200 Echo subscriber families which equal well over 6,000 readers who have become family members too.
They call or write with their requests, memories and send clippings. Dorothy Shuster reminded me of the “Frigid winter of 1935” when temperatures never got above zero during January and February. “We thought our thermometer had died,” she wrote.
“Russ Albums” asked if we have a photo of the south side of Sheridan in the block where Maid-Rite once was. On Sanborn insurance maps much of the block’s structures are now gone, some replaced.
Don and Rita Myntti, now age 92 and 88, were profiled in a recent “The Woman Today” magazine article he shared. “I have only fond memories of the time that I lived in Ely” (1928-1943), he wrote. “In the late ’30s and ’40s, Ely had 6,500 people and it had three active underground iron ore mines. It had a solid economic base. The good old town needs a dramatic re-birth!”
A special note was sent to son Nick from a classmate who only recently learned that his taciturn dad had saved clippings from his son’s school career, unbeknownst to the younger man and much appreciated. “If it wasn’t for the Echo we would have never seen that side of each other. That is what the Echo means to people from Ely,” he wrote.
And we appreciate the kind words.
* * *
In the Ely Echo of March 4, 1996, twenty years ago, the headlines were:
• Tom Coombe named Echo’s managing editor
• Dylan Scott qualifies for state meet in diving
• Sheave wheels arrived at Pioneer Mine from Montana
• Local DFLers to meet at VCC; IRs convene at Kennedy cafeteria
• Ely Police find coincidences and honest mistake to solve incident at Happy Days