Dina Hill, 70, of Ely, dies

Bernardine “Dina” Hill, 70, of Ely passed away at her home on January 11, 2018 after a courageous battle with cancer.
Dina was born on Dec. 2, 1947 to Bernard and Dorothy (Kobe) Hutar in Ely MN. She graduated from Ely Memorial High, Class of 1966.
Dina married Richard “Dick” Hill on January 19, 1968. On the day of her passing they were 8 days shy of their 50th wedding anniversary.
Together they raised three children: Sandy, Cory and Rich.


Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum - Traveling

We’ve been busy as beavers around moving water the past couple of weeks. From a weekend trip to Moorhead, MN to Evan graduating from high school, life has kept us on our toes.
Now Mary, Megan and I are off to travel across the pond to visit my cousin Ingrid and her husband in London for 10 days.
Our trip to Moorhead included Kinlee’s baptism at a Lutheran Church. This took place at the second service of the day. The first one is a traditional service, the second one is listed as contemporary.
We walked in to see a seven piece band getting ready to perform. That’s when we knew this was the contemporary service.
Fast paced and filled with modern music, the service was a change from we are used to in a small town.
Kinlee took the whole thing in stride. She even managed to steal the show by going for the “Superman” look when the holy water was applied to her head.


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From the miscellaneous drawer - What's with volunteering?

There’s never enough time to accomplish all the goals one sets for oneself. But it’s good to try.
There is a belief by some that women are part of the human race and on an equal footing with everyone else. Maybe that is not well known, nor comprehended.
To me it means that there is no need to rely on or become dependent on any exclusive women’s group.
Doing so appears to make one subservient, in a lesser position, perhaps needing reinforcement through numbers. There is an apparent need by some for the protection of those who are anatomically alike.
I don’t go along with that and sometimes that gets me in trouble.
Nonetheless, I’m an individual, a person with a voice. A person with goals to achieve much like any other human being, male or female.


Former LCP director charges: Lake Country Power Board & Management Irresponsible

Dear Editor


Peggy Lee Beyer-Anderson, 55, of Winton dies

PEGGY LEE BEYER-ANDERSON, 55, of Winton passed away Thursday, April 6, 2017 at her home surrounded by her loving family. Peggy was born on January 7, 1962 at the Ely Bloomenson Hospital in Ely, MN. Her first years were spent living with her family at Bob Holden’s logging camp off of the Old Tomahawk Road. In 1966 the family moved to Winton, where she spent the rest of her life.

Peggy was a member of one of the largest classes from Ely High School, graduating in 1980. Many classmates will remember her as the Ely Timberwolf mascot during her time there.

Peggy was an avid outdoors woman. She loved to fish, hunt, pick berries, anything and everything that had to do with being one with nature. It is well documented amongst all in her family that she nearly always was the first to catch a fish, and usually the one who caught the most. Just this previous deer firearms season, with cancer ravaging her body, she got her buck hunting with brother Milt.


BREAKING NEWS: Two year temporary mining ban has wrong ending date

by Nick Wognum and Tom Coombe -

The publication of a rule to ban mining in portions of the Superior National Forest for two years contains a major typo.

The notice in the January 19 Federal Register lists an end date of January 17, 2017 instead of the intended 2019.

Here is the language as printed:

"For a period until January 21, 2017, subject to valid existing rights, the National Forest System lands described in this notice will be temporarily segregated from the United States mineral and geothermal leasing laws, unless the application is denied or canceled or the withdrawal is approved prior to that date."

Last year, the Forest Service held public forums both in Duluth and Ely to take comment on the potential renewal of exploratory mining leases.


Sponholz family wins Medallion Hunt and $250

The Sponholz family found the Northwoods Medallion on Feb. 10, following clues which led to the Ely Water Tower. As part of the 2017 Ely Winter Festival, the Ely Chamber of Commerce Merchant Committee hosted the first annual Ely Northwoods Medallion Hunt.
The Sponholz family followed a total of ten clues starting Feb. 2, with the final clue posted Feb. 11. They won $250 in Chamber Bucks. There were also chances to win in a drawing for four prizes ranging from $25 to $100 Chamber Bucks.


Ely council race: Kess, Debeltz, Callen

by Tom Coombe -

It's back to work for Paul Kess and Jerome Debeltz. For Ryan Callen, the third time was the charm.

Kess, Debeltz and Callen were the top vote-getters Tuesday in Ely's city council race. All won four-year terms.

Kess won a second term in his second stint on the council, leading a six-candidate field with 1,024 votes. Right behind was Debeltz, who has served continuously since first winning election in 1993. The dean of Ely's council got 882 votes and was the runner-up.

Grabbing the third and final spot was Callen, who won a seat on the council after two previous unsuccessful tries and gained 796 votes. He edged out Angela Campbell, who came up just short in her third try at city office in four years and garnered 709 votes.

Lagging behind were former council member Mark Zupec with 663 votes, and first-time candidate Rachel Rae Colber, who picked up 398 votes.


Omerza, Pointer, Mann win school board seats

Two first-time candidates and an incumbent emerged from a six-way race and won seats on the Ely School Board Tuesday night.

Tom Omerza led the field and captured 1,817 votes with all but a fraction of the ballots in and counted. Omerza, a local bank branch president and longtime youth sports volunteer, joined James Pointer and Heidi Mann in winning four-year terms.

Pointer, who was appointed to the board to fill a vacant seat in 2015, won 1,146 votes to take second and Mann, a mother of two school-aged sons who recently moved to the area, was next with 1,019 votes.

Mann held off former superintendent Alexis Leitgeb, who sought to join the board a year after she left the district under a cloud of controversy. Leitgeb had 907 votes while Geoff Galaski and Zach Walen lagged behind.

Scott Kellerman, who was running unopposed, won a two-year seat on the board.


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