Radio Shack moving to Sheridan Street

by Nick Wognum

This summer shoppers on Sheridan Street will be able to fill their electronic needs as Radio Shack moves from Chapman Street to the building currently occupied by the North American Bear Center.<BR><BR>“We needed more sales and more space and we think more walk-in traffic will help,” said owner Cam Peacock. <BR><BR>After spending five years on Chap-man Street, Radio Shack and Peacock’s other business, Range Lock and Alarm, will relocate as of July 1.<BR><BR>“We want to be open by the middle of June but our absolute deadline is July 1,” said Peacock.<BR><BR>What was once the Ely Vet Clinic and Steger Mukluks will become the home of one of the nation’s best-known electronics stores.<BR><BR>“We want to put in a wider variety of Radio Shack items and we’ll have more space to do that,” said Peacock.<BR><BR>“Plus we’ll be able to expand the lock department in the back. That will make it a little easier for people to get keys and we’ll have locking hardware a little more readily available,” said Peacock. <BR><BR>In its current Chapman Street location, the lock department is in the basement and the company’s offices are on the top floor.<BR><BR>“We’ll be all on one floor instead of three floors which will make a big difference,” said Peacock.<BR><BR>In addition to Radio Shack items, the store also sells Verizon cell phones and DirectTV satellite dishes.<BR><BR>“We will be handling the DISH network in about two weeks as well,” said Peacock. “I think you’ll see more people switching from cable television to satellite once the Duluth stations are available which should happen within the next month or so.” <BR><BR>Making the move to Sheridan and leaving Chapman has been in the plans for awhile now, but Peacock knows there will be an impact.<BR><BR>“I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of years and as much as I want to stay and support Chapman Street, the traffic on Sheridan is tremendously more. But I wish Chapman Street all the best,” said Peacock.<BR><BR>Radio Shack joins the Gossip Bench and the J.D. Mills Company in the list of stores that have moved from Chapman to Sheridan.<BR><BR>Peacock said he’s hoping tourists will find his business a little easier and he’s willing to adjust his hours to increase sales.<BR><BR>“We want people walking by to stop in and browse and pick something up,” said Peacock. “We will probably be open a bit later in the summer as well, both during the week and on Saturdays.”