Memorials to be planted along Trezona

by Tom Coombe

A local group has formed to spruce up one of Ely’s most popular recreation areas and provide a new way for people to remember loved ones.<BR><BR>The Trezona Trail Celebration Association will coordinate and oversee the purchase and planting of trees, bushes and flowers along the four-mile path around Miners Lake.<BR><BR>Each planting will be done as a memorial, and the group will solicit donations from those who would like to honor Ely area citizens or visitors with a tree, bush or flower on the trail.<BR><BR>On Thursday, April 22, the group will plant its first two trees, in remembrance of Mary Markovich and Richard Gamble.<BR><BR>Efforts to create a memorial on the trail for both Markovich and Gamble led to the creation of a beautification program to honor past and present Ely area visitors and citizens and their families and friends.<BR><BR>“I think it’s a fitting tribute and a way to give honor to family members and beautify the town at the same time,” said Muffin Nelson, part of a nine-member committee coordinating the effort.<BR><BR>The committee has gathered contributions to establish the first memorials and proceed with the first plantings next week, and they’re working out the details for creating more memorials in the future.<BR><BR>Committee member Claire Taylor said people may purchase trees, shrubs and flowers as a tribute to a loved one. Talks are ongoing over possible structural additions, such as benches along the path.<BR><BR>“We want to let private property owners know that we have no intention of planting on their properties,” said Taylor.<BR><BR>The committee hasn’t yet set a cost for establishing a memorial.<BR><BR>They’ve already enlisted and received the in-kind support of the city of Ely for help in planting, and the group is seeking cooperation and support of various civic and community groups and organizations in individual on-site planting ceremonies.<BR><BR>Local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will take part in the first ceremony, set for 3:30 p.m. April 22 at the trailhead, right next to the Trezona Trail parking lot.<BR><BR>“We’re trying to get if off by Earth Day,“ said Nelson. “We want to give it a kick start and then maybe it will blossom.”<BR><BR>Joining Taylor and Nelson on the committee are Chris Hartman, Joe Mattson, Ginger Morgan, Roger Skraba, Teddy Stromback, Jerry Taylor and Bill Tefft.<BR><BR>The committee has already received $500 for planting memorials, thanks to the contributions of Joe and Marsha Rokke, Judy Brockington, Andy and Paula Hill, Matt Markovich, Bob and Bev Herman, Jerry and Claire Taylor, Paul Hill, Vern and Marilyn Ruttan, Martha Gamble, Lynne Hill, Les and Phyllis Deppe, Julie Soderberg, and Gordon and Ruth Reabe.<BR><BR>For more information, contact Nelson at 365-0555 or Taylor at 365-7828.<BR><BR>