Children’s Art Camp will be held June 16-18

Art Camp will take on a slightly new focus this year when the event takes place June 16-18. Sponsored by Ely Greenstone Public Art, the popular camp, now in its third year, will be held at Semers Park.<BR><BR>Fliers will be sent home with Ely students in grades 2-6, ages 8-12 exclusive, with information about the event. Classes will be held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30 -4 p.m.<BR><BR>Volunteers have been meeting to plan the classes to be offered. Additional helpers are welcomed to assist. Call Anne Swenson at 365-5917 or 365-3141 or Judy Fredrickson at 365-4020 if you are interested in helping one or more days.<BR><BR>There is a tuition fee of $20 per child, but scholarships are also available.<BR><BR>Class space will be limited so that student receive lots of personal attention. Early enrollment is encouraged. Camp participants will be limited to a total of 40 students, with 10 students in each class. Students will be notified of their acceptance and a waiting list will be formed. <BR><BR>Children will concentrate on developing their artistic ability and explore drawing, painting and sculpture during the week. Students will be a part of one of these name groups: DaVinci, O’Keeffe, Rodin or F.L. Wright.<BR><BR>A student art exhibit is planned for Wednesday, June 18 from 3-4 p.m. at Semers Park Pavilion.<BR><BR>Additional applications may be obtained at the Ely Echo and at the Ely Chamber of Commerce later this week.<BR><BR>Ely Greenstone Public Art Committee is a non-profit organzation with a mailing address of 2647 Van Vac Road, Ely MN 55731.