Irene Grahek asks: Did you know?

by Irene Grahek

Did you know? Those three very tall Norway pines on Sheridan Street at Pioneer Apartments were planted there by the Ely Lions Club in 1974. The Lions Club formed a committee called “The Green Thumb” under co-chairmanship of Frank Shusta and Dr. Mike Musich, who were aided by members Len Katauskas, Bud Adamic, and the late Bill Grahek, Joe Grahek and Bill Schiltz. Those trees, donated by the Schiltz Tree Farm, were only a few feet high when planted and all were skeptical about their future. But seeing is believing, as they have grown to be as tall as that three-story building. Not all of the shrubbery survived, but those trees are a solid remembrance of the good works of the Ely Lions Club in 1974.<BR><BR>Did you know? Way back when, the east entrance to Ely was completely lined with beautiful trees all the way through town on Sheridan Street. Those trees with large branches practicaly met in the middle of the street, forming a canopy, making the entrance very unique and very pretty. Unfortunately, the Minnesota State Highway Dept. had certain restrictions and since Sheridan Street was part of the highway system, the trees had to come down to meet a street width requirement of 33 feet. Ely residents were saddened to see the trees destroyed in 1974, but had to accept the judgement because, as they say, “it was written in stone.”<BR><BR>Did you know? Sam Cook, columnist and feature outdoor writer for the Duluth News Tribune got his start at the Ely Echo. In 1975, fresh out of college, Sam began as an advertising rep. until he was lured out to the wilderness where he worked for an outfitter for several months. But the pull of the newspaper business was too strong and he came back to the Echo as a writer and stayed until he was hired away by a Colorado newspaper. His fine writing ability preceded him and eventually he became a part of the Duluth News Tribune. <BR><BR>His love for the outdoors and wilderness is reflected in all of his writings. Last Sunday’s May 30, 2004 story “Hooked and Crooked Lake” in the BWCA, reminded us of the “good old days” when Bill Zupancich and Joe Perko had fishing camps in operation. My late husband, Joe, worked as a guide for Bill Zup during his college years, and told me enough “fish” stories to fill a book. All absolutely true!<BR><BR>Did you know? There’s another new study out that says spending more time behind the wheel of a car and less time on your two feet is adding to waistlines and contributing to the nation’s obesity epidemic? <BR><BR>Well, hello! I hope they didn’t spend millions of dollars on that study. It doesn’t take a major intellect to figure that if you drive more than you walk and don’t exercise, you are going to put on weight and expand! <BR><BR>Did you know? A necktie could be dangerous. It’s another one of those new studies which says that neckties contain one of more microrganisms known to cause illness. So while being well-dressed is encouraged by administrators, doctors may be able to throw away the necktie (something many men will gladly accept) and dress more casually. Of course, if your primary physician continues to wear a tie, you can go to Israel for health care, where physicians rarely wear neckties. <BR><BR>Anyone for another new study?