Angler fish contest entries for the week

This Week’s Entries<BR><BR>Wght Lake Angler’s Name Registry<BR><BR>NORTHERN PIKE<BR><BR>11-14 Shagawa Marge Reinke, Phillips, WI Voyageur North Outfitters<BR><BR>9-8 Basswood Frank Paoletti, Gurnee, IL Packsack Canoe Trips & Cabins<BR><BR>7-8 Fall Bill Fester, Melrose Park, IL Voayageur North Outfitters<BR><BR>6-0 Fenske Nina Haavorsen, Ely Spirit of the Wilderness<BR><BR>3-8 Fall Amanda Sparks, Pleasant Plains, IL Packsack Canoe Trips & Cabins<BR><BR>2-7 Eagles Nest Kory Saver, Kelsey, MN Vermilion Fuel & Food<BR><BR>WALLEYE<BR><BR>10-8 Little Long Kendal Glasmer, DesMoines, IA 32" Skube’s Bait & Tackle<BR><BR>10-8 Basswood Ryan Becker, Ossian, IA 30" Packsack Canoe Trips & Cabins<BR><BR>7-10 White Iron Parker Scipioni, Hibbing, MN Skube’s Bait & Tackle<BR><BR>6-5 Eagles Nest Ron Saver, Inver Grove Heights, MN Vermilion Fuel & Food<BR><BR>4-7 Vermilion John Mroszak Jr., Tower, MN Vermilion Fuel & Food<BR><BR>SMALLMOUTH BASS<BR><BR>4-2 Basswood Jack Kramer III, Ingleside, IL Skube’s Bait & Tackle<BR><BR>4-0 Fall Barbara Benoy, Zion, IL Spirit of the Wilderness<BR><BR>3-0 Carp Matt Kapraun, Harvard, IL Voyageur North Outfitters<BR><BR>2-12 Fall Bill Fester, Melrose Park, IL Voyageur North Outfitters<BR><BR>CRAPPIE<BR><BR>1-4 White Iron Tyler Bauer, Waunakee, WI Voyageur North Outfitters<BR><BR>Catch and Release<BR><BR>SMALLMOUTH BASS<BR><BR>22" Ensign James Strope, Apalachin, NY Gateway North Outfitters<BR><BR>22" Basswood Rick Merb, Portsmouth, OH Packsack Canoe Trips & Cabins<BR><BR>LARGEMOUTH BASS<BR><BR>20" Farm PJ Freeman, South Range, WI Spirit of the Wilderness<BR><BR>NORTHERN PIKE<BR><BR>50.5" Fall Mitchell Franks, Ely Veterans on the Lake<BR><BR>(16#) Garden Kenny Dowden, Greenfield, IN Voyageur North Outfitters<BR><BR> <BR><BR>Section 1 LEADERS<BR><BR> WALLEYE<BR><BR>10-8 Little Long Kendal Glasmer, DesMoines, IA 32" Skube’s Bait & Tackle<BR><BR>NORTHERN PIKE<BR><BR>25-1 Basswood Robert D. Jablonski Sr., Waukegan, IL Voyageur North Outfitters<BR><BR>LAKE TROUT<BR><BR>16-4 Burntside Mike Pelto, Ely Voyageur North Outfitters<BR><BR>Smallmouth Bass<BR><BR>5-6 Burntside Andrew Isle, Ely Skube’s Bait & Tackle<BR><BR>