From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

To dispel rumors which sometimes circulate, reaching incredulous friends, I want to tell you that reports of my retirement from the Echo are premature.<BR><BR>Sure, I’m slowing down physically and perhaps mentally, and perhaps my stamina has left me dragging at the end of a 10 hour work day. Any hopes for lasting creativity are diminishing as rapidly as the moisture from my porch plants.<BR><BR>Still, here I am. Enjoying life and living. Just a bit forgetful. When compared to others younger than myself, I’m almost on a par.<BR><BR>The remodeling at my home is done, my gardens are in and showing signs of future beauty, friends are returning to their summer places in the Ely area, Art Camp is over and there’s still time to imagine all the projects which might be completed before we’re blanketed with snow.<BR><BR>A dear friend recently visited me and ever since I have been thinking about something she said: We owe nothing to our parents and everything to our children. Her reasoning is that a child is not part of a decision to exist.<BR><BR>She’s younger than I am and that may be the reason this statement seems so hard to understand. She’ll be back later this year and we’ll have time to talk over her reasoning.<BR><BR>Although I think of myself as somewhat progressive and contemporary in thought, I was surprised by something else recently. Much of my work involves computers and using the internet is a common occurance.<BR><BR>Working on a grocery store ad recently, the produce portion of the ad called for a variety of melons: Crenshaw, Canary, Casaba, Santa Claus and Honeydew. Honeydews have a green sort of skin to them, but what sort of a skin do the others have, I wondered.<BR><BR>Straight to Google I went to look up the word “melons,” knowing that university research stations and seed catalogs often have photos of these not so common varieties. <BR><BR>Skimming rapidly down the Google list I first hit the “c” letter on “cumshot.” <BR><BR>“Hmm, that’s not quite like Crenshaw,” I thought and then looked more closely at the entries I had found for melons.<BR><BR>Oops. <BR><BR>I changed my search word to Casaba.<BR><BR>