Fishing harder in windy weather

by Nick Wognum

The weather continues to be a factor affecting fishing in the Ely area. This time it’s the wind that blew boats all over the lake and fish into the shorelines and/or deeper water. <BR><BR>Top walleye of the week was a 7 lb. 2 oz. Basswood beauty caught by Dick Brush of Green City, OH on a leech and checked in at Packsack Canoe Trips and Log Cabins.<BR><BR>Basswood was also the spot for Doug Booth of Lucasville, OH, with a 6 lb. 10 oz. walleye, also caught on a leech and weighed at Packsack Canoe Trips and Log Cabins.<BR><BR>And the third largest walleye came from …you guessed it, Basswood Lake as Doug Padgett came over from Tower and used a minnow to catch a 6 lb. 6 oz. fish, checking it in at Vermilion Fuel and Food.<BR><BR>There was a pair of six pounders, one from Kawishiwi River and the other from White Iron Lake.<BR><BR>Alan Hofstadler of Ely was fishing from shore on the Kawishiwi with a light northern minnow when he hooked a 27-incher, registering the fish at Spirit of the Wilderness.<BR><BR>Jessica Flannigan of Stillwater was using a jumbo leech on White Iron Lake when she caught a 26.5 inch walleye and checked it in at Spirit of the Wilderness.<BR><BR>Jerry “Mac” McGinnis of Lucasville, OH used a leech to land a 5 lb. 12 oz. walleye out of Basswood Lake, entering the fish in the Angler at Packsack Canoe Trips and Log Cabins.<BR><BR>William Janke of Wayzata was fishing the South Kawishiwi when he landed a 5 lb. 6 oz. 25.5 inch walleye using and orange and green jig and a minnow and checking it in at Spirit of the Wilderness. <BR><BR>We had a monster muskie come off the West Two River, this one weighed in at 22 lb. 4 oz. for Joseph Dale of Soudan who registered the fish at Vermilion Fuel and Food. <BR><BR>Top northern of the week went to Todd Siebert of Babbitt with a 12 lb. 4 oz. pike caught in Basswood Lake using a spinner. He brought the fish in to Skube’s Bait and Tackle. You can only keep one pike over 36 inches on Basswood, and Todd’s hit the ruler at 37.25 inches.<BR><BR>A 10 lb. 2 oz. pike that went 45 inches long was caught in Eagles Nest by Bill Wright of Embarrass and checked in at Vermilion Fuel and Food.<BR><BR>Keith Queoff of Milwaukee, WI was staying at Deer Ridge Resort when he landed a 10 lb., 36-inch walleye in Farm Lake using a jig and a minnow. <BR><BR>Fall Lake was the spot for Rick Merb of Portsmouth, OH to catch a 10 lb., 35-inch pike on a leech while staying at Packsack Canoe Trips and Log Cabins.<BR><BR>Bass are still hitting well, both in the smallmouth and largemouth categories.<BR><BR>Biggest smallie was a 20-inch, 4 lb. fish caught in Fall Lake by Travis Storey of Pillager, MN and registered at Spirit of the Wilderness.<BR><BR>Jerry McGinnis of Lucasville, OH caught a 4 lb. smallmouth in Basswood using artificial bait. <BR><BR>A 4 lb. 8 oz. largemouth that went 21 inches on the ruler was checked in at Spirit of the Wilderness by Kevin Lamb of Elgin, MN who caught the fish in Indiana Lake.<BR><BR>Bill Quick of Centerville, OH reeled in a 3 lb. 1 oz largemouth on a Rapala while fishing in Bear Island. The fish was registered at Skube’s Bait and Tackle. <BR><BR>In Catch and Release action, Glenn Wiles of Chesterton, IN released a 20.5-inch smallmouth in Farm Lake and entered the contest at Spirit of the Wilderness.<BR><BR>Tim Humphrey of Walford, IN caught and released a 19-inch smallie in Farm Lake, entering the catch at Deer Ridge Resort. <BR><BR>A 42-inch northern was caught and released in Trout Lake by Lloyd Speed of Seminary, MS, registering the release at Wilderness Outfitters.<BR><BR>With water temps still on the cool side and the wind whipping up the water, fishermen had to work hard to fill a stringer. <BR><BR>Walleye fishermen report finding fish going after leeches now while it’s a great time to hop on a smaller lake with a kid and fill up a bucket of a sunfish. Good luck!