Two mile morning routine - A good walk with a good neighbor and friend

by Pamalot Roberts

Taking their morning walk, picking some of God’s bounty along the way. Alice Richards and Millie Blus found some ripe wild strawberries and a beautiful flower as they walked their two mile morning routine. <BR><BR>Alice had been walking this stretch alone for years and years (over 20) and her neighbor Millie has joined up with her for the last five. Both live on County 88, also known as McMahan Boulevard, which circles around Shagawa Lake going out one side of Ely and coming back around on the other. It is a heavily traveled road, greatly needing a wider shoulder for the bikers and hikers. <BR><BR>The women wave to everyone as they go by, and everyone waves back. Alice says they get out to walk every day, unless it is below 25 below zero or there’s a heavy downpour. That would detour them from walking. <BR><BR>“It’s my therapy. It starts my day off to get out here... and we smell the roses as we go along the road,” Alice says. <BR><BR>In the summer months they go at 7 a.m. but in the winter they wait till 9 because it warms up a little bit by that time. <BR><BR>One benefit of the walk is Alice and Millie have grown closer as neighbors and friends. Millie just had a birthday June 29 and has two ages, she’s 91 or if you turn the 9 upside down she’s 61. <BR><BR>Alice is mother of eight children and 18 grandchildren. As of yesterday morning her 21st greatgrandchild was born and two weeks before that another granddaughter had a baby girl. She says God has blessed her with a very loving family. “If we weren’t so far from home I’d invite you in for a cup of tea,” she said as they walked a little further. <BR><BR>Ahead of them there was a little deer nibbling grass with the morning dew... <BR><BR>