IN THE FAIRWAY......with a happy hacker

by Gerry Ryberg

Hey and Hurray!! Ely’s “pro” Doug Dreschler, aced #7 on June 24! <BR><BR>We can see it now…mentally he would have checked the wind and known the consistency of the greens - fast, holding…or what? Then calmly pulled out his trusty nine iron and “let ’er rip!” Swinging from the white tees, 118 yds, his target was the base of the “hump” on the right. The foursome watched it roll toward the hole - then groaned, because it stopped just short of the hole. Or so they thought - when they reached the green, the ball had decided one more roll and they could see what was on the bottom of the cup - it dropped in!! Congratulations, Doug, on your second Hole in One! (The first one having occurred in Alabama.)<BR><BR>We use the term “Ely’s Pro” in all sincerity. When we arrived in ‘Elytown’ some 20 years ago the “Ben Hogan” of the town was (and still is) Doug Dreschler. He was involved in teaching the game to Ely’s youth and to anyone seeking help or wanting to learn golf as well as serving on the board and being deeply involved in development of the new Ely nine! We thought then, and still think, Doug has one of the sweetest swings ever! Best of all, Doug is not just a ‘hitter’ - he’s a stratagist of the game! <BR><BR>Can it be two years since the first knee replacement in Colorado? It can! We spent time reading about this game to which we admit an addiction and just now found a magazine called “Golf Views,” August 2002 issue. We chanced upon “The Modern Club for the Modern Woman” by Joshua Walker, in which he makes this statement: “Today’s ‘modern women’ are more active and in better shape than ever and thus should not be pigeon holed into an absolute ‘ladies’ set of clubs with archaic technology.” <BR><BR>He further states, “ The ‘Ladies’ flex shafts are much too soft and too whippy, causing inconsistency and lack of distance. A dealer might then move to a “regular” men’s flex and the lengths are usually too long. Thus the wrong shaft is recommended again..” <BR><BR>Walker recommends going to a pro shop that can analyze a swing on True Temper’s Shaft Lab (or its equivalent). Maybe, however, before paying for a new set of fitted clubs, perhaps one should be certain one likes and wants to play this game! Which means one uses another’s clubs or inherits a set of hand-me-downs. We don’t think that is all bad for the trial run - to get the habit started. <BR><BR>If you have watched any LPGA events you more than likely noticed how young - teenage-like - the golfers have become! We remember marveling at the antics of Kathy Whitworth, Mickey Wright, Joanne Carner, Dottie Pepper and of course, Nancy Lopez. (Who’s old? Well, ok, but not ready to hand off our clubs as yet.) <BR><BR>Personally we were delighted to have the 41 year old youngster, Meg Mallon win. And with the lowest final round by a champion in the 59 year history of the Women’s Open - 6 under par 65! Her putting was phenomenal - only 24 putts in the final round, one of them a 50 foot-er! That’s for 18; We have done that for nine. Ugh. <BR><BR>Milly and Bill LeBeau exited the “Colorado Hills,” their new residence state for the All Class Reunion and while here played Wilderness at Fortune Bay. It was great seeing them and of course we asked Milly what she thought of the course. “I love it” she exclaimed. Along with Mary Mills, Milly declares the layout features especially good landing areas for all shots, notably one’s approach shots. <BR><BR>Discussion is occurring among men’s and women’s leagues regarding “the local lateral hazard rule.” <BR><BR>A decision will be forthcoming soon we are sure; meanwhile, the suggestion of Justin Gustafson, course superintendent, is that ‘summer rules’ be played on the course. For one thing, that means no poking at your ball to improve its lie! We have been and are always for that. Tourists will play anyway they want and perhaps won’t even keep score. Who cares? The only concern is when score counts in a match, for handicap entry or in a tournament. Then, USGA RULES ! <BR><BR>Nary a one would have bet that play would not only start but FINISH last Tuesday, but it happened. Rain was forecast, but it did not rain on our parade. Before tee-off time, the Tipton clinic dealt with chipping and pitching from greenside and then dealt with putting. The clinic ended with a “putt-off” which gave the contest title to Shirley Hubbard as she defeated Arlene Hanson and Gerri Hodge on the practice green. <BR><BR>Judy Majerle is making sure the Ely nine not only knows who she is, but remembers her for her ability to get the little white ball in the cup from off the green! Chalk up another chip in for Judy, this time on #6, and it was done from off the green with the “carpet stick.” Jill Konieczny, Margaret Dass, and Mary Mills just shook their heads in awe! It is funny how envious we get hearing all these good things - Judy’s chip-ins (can’t remember when we last had one!), Shirley’s putting, Royleen’s drives just to name a few. Then the “sensible-gertie” side wakes up and just appreciates knowing those good players! <BR><BR> July 13 is the day Elyites will try once more to wrench a small travel trophy from the hands of the Babbitt lady linksters. We cannot remember when that icon was on our shelf - if ever. But we do remember the wonderful camaraderie that exists whenever these two ladies’ leagues swing for that little trophy! Enjoy, those of you who share it… and though the rough at Babbitt is not like Ely’s, “stay in the fairway”!