Hook and bullet club - A family day at the lake

by Nick Wognum

The winds were calm, the temperature was up and the sky was blue. Fishing? Nah. How about lounging on the dock and taking a dip in the lake? <BR><BR>We could have thrown the rods in the truck and tried our luck but throwing on a swimsuit and diving into Burntside Lake sounded like a lot more fun. <BR><BR>It was a Sunday afternoon and there were people all over the lake enjoying the day. Pontoon boats puttered along, jet skis zipped by and there were even a few big Lunds filled with fisherfolk looking for the elusive trout.<BR><BR>We took the dog and the kids and threw them all in the water. A paddle boat provided enough entertainment for all three kids, from the youngest who piloted the craft all on his own to the oldest two doing their best to flip it over. <BR><BR>It has been a chilly summer in the North Country so far. Air conditioners had seen light usage up until last weekend and then suddenly, summer arrived. We saw temps as high as 85 degrees and a whole lot of people with various degrees of sunburn. <BR><BR>Fishing was not too high on the priority list. There were fish around, however. Under the boat that was tied up to the dock, small bass darted around, just out of the sunlight. The kids tried to nip one with a paddle but the fish was much quicker, playing a game of peek-a-boo and never getting caught. <BR><BR>The smell of Coppertone filled the air, along with a good dose of wet dog. Bayley, our golden retriever, was seen launching off the dock countless times. Whether it was a tennis ball or a retrieving dummy, Bayley would go after it and bring it back up onto the dock. <BR><BR>Although, the more times she jumped in, the most hesitant she got. Maybe all those belly flops started to take a toll on her. I know the next day she was moving pretty slow, still tired from the aquatic activities. <BR><BR>We stoked up the barbecue and feasted on Bill’s amazing homemade hamburgers with corn on the cob and coleslaw on the side. Summer food. <BR><BR>The afternoon flew by and as the sun began to set, the bugs flew in and chased us up to the screen porch where we settled in behind the bug-proof netting. The lake was still part of the picture, but now it was part of scenery instead of us being in it. <BR><BR>Swimsuits were traded for shorts and t-shirts and the day drew to a close. We didn’t catch any fish, but we each caught some sun, a needed ingredient during the summer months. <BR><BR>For those who live on the lake, a day like this is something you can enjoy on a regular basis. The rest of us are jealous of course, but we’re very thankful to be invited over to enjoy it with you. <BR><BR>That’s the great thing about lakes, you can be in the boat or on the shore and the time spent there, to borrow a phrase, is priceless.