DNR Conservation Officer’s reports from the field

Conservation Officer John Velsvaag (Ely) checked anglers in the Ely and Tower area this past weekend, fishing was pretty slow overall. He also helped out on a snowmobile work detail in the Tower station. He received complaints on snowmobilers, including speeding and not stopping for stop signs. CO Velsvaag attended a K9 meeting during the week in St. Paul. Enforcement action was taken for snowmobilers not stopping for stop signs, registration violations, careless operation of a snowmobile and speeding. Snowmobiling conditions were good, but the slush continues to be a problem for anglers on area lakes.<BR><BR>CO Mike Lekatz (Ely) worked checks on fishing activity on area lakes throughout the week. He also worked checks on snowmobile activity on area lakes and trails. Latest snowfalls have created excellent riding conditions in the area. He started work on several deer registration cases received from DNR Wildlife. He also assisted the State Patrol and St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department with a two vehicle car accident on Hwy 169. <BR><BR>CO Kipp Duncan (Two Harbors) spent the majority of the past week working snowmobile enforcement. Several more inches of snow and in some places a couple of feet had fallen along the North Shore. Over the weekend the officer assisted with a snowmobile work detail from Tower to Ely. Several snowmobiles were out with the most common violation being speed. Alcohol enforcement was also worked over the weekend. <BR><BR>CO Brad Johnson (Silver Bay) checked anglers and snowmobilers throughout the week. A number of license and registration violations were detected and enforcement actions was taken. One of the snowmobilers checked had just lost the track to his sled. The driver had been traveling on the roadway when the track broke and separated from the sled. The snowmobile, without braking ability, slid another two tenths of a mile before coming to a stop. Fortunately, the driver was not injured although he had been illegally operating on the road. CO Johnson and his wife, a wildlife rehabilitator, also responded to Two Harbors to pick up an injured boreal owl. The owl had flown into a resident’s garage while he was backing his car in. The somewhat surprised resident surmised that the owl had flown in to watch the football game. After all, the “Eagles” were playing the “Falcons.”