IN THE FAIRWAY......with a happy hacker

by Gerry Ryberg

We know Richard Olson reported his “Hole in one on #7” a week ago; what we don’t know is the club used to nestle that little white pill snugly into the hole. Nor do we know his lucky friends in the foursome who witnessed the happy event. We don’t know Richard, but do certainly offer our congratulations to him! <BR><BR>To be sure, a lot of luck comes into play; but the golfer still has to select the right club for the weather conditions of the day. It isn’t all just luck, by any means! <BR><BR>Future ‘acers,’ remember a detailed report at the desk! It’s what USGA needs - plus it makes for a more interesting read!            <BR><BR> Jeong Jang certainly declared her intentions at the Weetabix British Open last week, leading the field after each round: 68, 66, 69, 69=272. Jang’s nearest competitor was four strokes off. Michelle Wie, amateur, used only six more strokes. <BR><BR>Wie, the 15 year old from Hawaii, finished tied for third place. In her words, she felt she “left a lot of putts out there,” stating she had trouble reading the greens. She has said that putting will take up a lot of her post season practice time. We cannot fathom the wisdom of these youngsters. Would that we could putt as well as she on her bad days. <BR><BR>Yogi Berra offered astounding wisdom upon occasion. On golf he noted, “How can you think and hit at the same time?” <BR><BR>Natural Golfer writer Ken Martin said, “Your golf swing is the result of your intent for what you want your golf ball to do.” He added “one should focus on that intent - what you want it to do, not how to get it done. Swing the club face in the direction of your target.” He adds “get on with playing golf instead of playing golf swing.”<BR><BR>We all know that each golf instructor has his or her own key words and methods of teaching. Pick the one that works for you.<BR><BR>How great it is to have our own “Cheaper by the dozen” - well, almost a dozen and almost new - members. We say almost 12 because there are 10; almost new because most of us have known the new golfers, just not as EWGA members. It is nice to have Donna Kari as a playing member, that is until she whacks our tail in a match. <BR><BR>We had coffee with Shirley and Roy Anderson, once Elyites now Oregonians. Roy allowed as how there’s not too much golfing going on in their lives anymore. We did enjoy the reminiscing, however! <BR><BR>Champion putter Margot Beland has headed back to Kokepelli-land, so we’ll have time to save our nickels and dimes for next summer’s putting duels. She says she’ll be back next summer if she can find a cabin in which to dwell. Friend Betty Page generously housed her for this stay. <BR><BR>Thanks to e-mail, we learn that Milly and Bill LeBeau are thoroughly enjoying mountain high courses in Colorado. Milly said she did not play as well in Shawnee, Kansas, when they played with daughter, Jeanie. We remember the mile high influence, for sure. It does take getting used to being up there with the clouds! <BR><BR>The threat of thunder and rain plus the heat, perhaps, diminished the EWGA turnout last Tuesday. About half the usual number came with wet neckerchiefs and went nine holes. <BR><BR>We, personally, played one of the very worse games ever. But we never forget the EWGA ladies are the most wonderful group we’ve ever met and Tuesday night in the season of golf is seldom missed by this hacker. <BR><BR>Marcia Tholen was the only one to claim a chip-in. Marcia used her sand wedge to hole the ball from off the green of #3. Way to go, Marcia! <BR><BR>And a special kudo to Cheryl Martinetto, whom we understand concocted the fillings for the sandwiches. The secret dressing on the diced up chicken breasts added a special good taste, Cheryl. <BR><BR>We’re sure all EWGA-ers know this - when you sign for the next week’s dinner, you commit and pay whether you show or not, and if you are a late signer, check first with the food committee. <BR><BR>President Susie Baker came back from a Canadian fishing outing with hubby Roger. The time away from the course did not affect her game apparently. Sue along with several others - enough for two flights - will begin a match play tourney. Matches may be scheduled between the two players at preferences. Eighteen, maybe more, out of towners will “land” on the Ely nine on Thursday to participate in the Invitational Tournament. <BR><BR>We sign off with a reminder: carry bottled water when you play during these hot days! Drink lots of water. And - stay in the fairway.