Around town Small town trivia

by Irene Grahek

Did you know?...The name “Ely Echo” was given to a Finnish male choir which was organized about 1892-93 by the late Emil Bjorkman. The choir was called “Elyn Kaiku,” which means Ely Echo in Finn, and just goes to show you, there are a lot of people with good taste!<BR><BR>Did you know...WXLT was the first radio station in Ely, owned and operated by Charles Ingersoll. Those call letters were the same letters used by a radio station in Alaska where he had worked during WWII.<BR><BR>Did you know?...There are about 50 realtors in Ely? With about 100 (estimated) homes for sale, that gives each realtor two sales a piece. (Guess I’ll stick with my day job.)<BR><BR>Did you know? ...It’s better to turn your car engine off while parking for a short time. Consumer Report says idling uses more gas than restarting. Check tires for the right amount of air, because low air in tires makes the engine work harder, and ultimately, use more gas.<BR><BR>From the mail bag...Ely made the Sunday Chicago Tribune, May 21, with an article “Howlin’ With the Wolves in MN” by Margaret Backenheimer. The article was sent by my good friend and former neighbor in Ely, Mary Jean Slabodnik Carlson, better known as M.J. <BR><BR>Backenheimer writes about the International Wolf Center having a “Wolf Watch” June 1-2, July 3-4 and August 3-4. A $40 fee will cover a wolf training, a pizza dinner, overnight camping in the auditorium and continental breakfast. A longer program, “Wolf Family Rendezvous” invites families with kids six years and up to meet the center’s wolf pack and take part in numerous activities, July 22-25 or October 19-22. Interested persons can call 1-800-Ely-Wolf or visit<BR><BR>!=!=!=!=!=!=<BR><BR>What is small town, USA?...The most American thing about America! It’s where everyone know everyone else, at least by family name. Granted, someone moving from a metropolitan center would have a few adjustments to make, but chooses to live in a village and finds advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, and soon falls into a pattern of living that is quite comfortable. <BR><BR>I found an anonymous article on the subject. It is a humorous take-off on small town living that will allow us to laugh at ourselves.<BR><BR>How small is small?<BR><BR>You know you are in a small town when...the polka is more popular than disco on Saturday night. Third Street is on the edge of town. You don’t use your turn signals because everyone knows where you are going.<BR><BR>You know you are in a small town are born June 13 and your family receives gifts from local merchants because you are the first baby of the year. You speak to each dog you pass by name and he wags at you. <BR><BR>You dial a wrong number and talk for 15 minutes anyway. The town characters have colorful names (such as were listed in the nickname column) and you really don’t remember their real name.<BR><BR>You know you are in a small town when...Everyone knows you are either a republican or democrat. Restaurants are a meeting place for old timers to discuss everything from politics to fishing. You drive into a ditch five miles out of town and word gets back to town before you do. Church dinners are attended by all faiths.<BR><BR>Yes, there is humor in defining how small is small, but it all can be wrapped up in the conclusion...thank God for small towns and the people who live in them!