City minutes of Dec. 19, 2006

UNOFFICIAL MINUTES<BR><BR>Council Chambers<BR><BR>Ely, Minnesota<BR><BR>Tuesday, December 19, 2006<BR><BR>6:30 P.M. Regular Meeting<BR><BR>Ely City Council<BR><BR>Regular meeting of the Ely City Council was called to order at 6:30 P.M. by Mayor Roger J. Skraba.<BR><BR>PRESENT: Council members Pecha, Novak, Debeltz, Zupec, Przybylski, Mayor Skraba (6)<BR><BR>ABSENT: Council member Hillman (1)<BR><BR>The first item of business on tonight's agenda was the presentation of appreciation plaques from the City of Ely, to outgoing elected officials Butch Pecha, Dan Przybylski, Mike Hillman, and Mayor Roger Skraba, by Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator Ely Butler and Deputy Clerk Patti Wellvang. Above individuals were thanked for their contributions to the Ely City Council over the years.<BR><BR>Moved by Zupec supported by Pecha, that the minutes of the regular meeting of December 5th be approved without reading. Carried unanimously. Minutes to stand as recorded.<BR><BR>Moved by Novak supported by Pecha, that per Minnesota Statute 13D.03, at the close of tonight's agenda business, meeting be recessed to a closed session of the Ely City Council to discuss union negotiations strategy. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>The following addition was added to tonight's agenda: Clerk-Treasurer/Admin. Butler - recommendation of Fire Chief Gerzin to extend current fire contract with Town of Morse, Fall Lake Township, City of Winton, Stony River Township, as contract expiration date is December 31, 2006. Moved by Debeltz supported by Novak, that this issue be taken up at this time on tonight's agenda and extension be approved through March 31, 2007. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Council member Novak requested that Item #2, listed under E. Consent Agenda Items, be stricken from tonight's agenda, as this issue was acted upon previously by the Ely City Council. Moved by Novak supported by Zupec, that request be approved. Carried unanimously. <BR><BR>Mayor Skraba requested that parking be taken up under Mayor's Agenda Items on tonight's agenda: he noted that the Chamber Merchant's Board has been discussing this issue for some time now, regarding the issuance of a permit and pass to visitors frequenting area businesses. The Chamber Board has never had the chance to get involved in these discussions, but the Merchant Board will be bringing this issue up to the full Chamber in 2007, which will eventually be brought before the council. Matter of information.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba requested placement on tonight's agenda with a "year end synopsis."<BR><BR>He stated that the City of Ely currently has $22 million worth of projects going, and he feels that the council is now going in the right direction, with many opportunities for future council members created by the current council. Some of the developments created by the council in the past year were monies received by City for Mesabi Trail System; new ambulance contract; emergency preparedness training - NIMS - Mayor Skraba encouraged new council members to pursue training in this area; East Range Readiness Committee - Mayor Skraba has been an active member on this committee and is encouraging new council to continue to participate; RAMS - this is the lobbying arm for Cities and Schools at the legislature, with Ron Dicklich being a very connected person - Mayor Skraba has been an active member in the RAMS organization and encourages the City of Ely to continue with membership in the organization; City Council passing of a resolution addressing smoking in the workplace ( forwarded to State); addressing the community of vandalism ( shooting of glass in business district) in community by holding public hearing; development of a CC Blue Ribbon Committee to address the Ely Community Center Building; Semer's Park project - a thank you to Representative Jim Oberstar for assisting the city in obtaining monies for this project; Mayoral participation in Simon Bourgin recognition luncheon this past summer; 4th Avenue East CDBG project; Comprehensive Plan Review; Refinancing of various city outstanding bonds to save City monies; Recreational Skating Facility Project; West Chapman Street / 1st Avenue East; future development of West End due to Joint Public Works Maintenance Facility ( city has acquired west end property in land swap with St. Louis County); also the potential for developing property current city garage sits on); East end development. Mayor Skraba noted that within the next 2 - 5 years, the residents of Ely will see the vision and benefits this current council discussed, in entering into a lease with St. Louis County on the Joint Public Works Maintenance Facility. He feels that the Joint Public Works Maintenance Facility was the most positive direction the current Ely City Council had taken. Mayor Skraba feels people are embracing change, i.e. working with Morse Township officials. Due to the HRA Housing foresight, 26 individuals/families will be staying in Ely while occupying the new town homes on Washington Street. The Airport Project - Mayor Skraba thanked Council member Dan Przybylski and Airport Manager Jim Preblich for their fantastic work on Ely Airport matters. He also applauded all council members, noting that 2007 should be a good year for the Ely City Council in seeing above projects through to fruitation. <BR><BR>The following consent agenda items were brought before the council for approval:<BR><BR>1. Ely Jaycees - request for special events liquor license - February 3, 2007, Community Center Building - Mukluk Ball ( approve subject to filing of proper paperwork with State via City Clerk's Office);<BR><BR>2. Access Broadband - approval of proposal - City Hall - $7,637.04 ( to be reimbursed to City by wireless grant monies);<BR><BR>3. City Hall and Community Center - schedule for Christmas and New year's holiday closings;<BR><BR>4. Walker, Giroux and Hahne Ltd. - appointment of Ely C. Butler as designated city official responsible and accountable for overseeing non audit services.<BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz supported by Novak, that items #1, 3 and 4, be approved and ordered filed. Carried unanimously. * item #2 had been stricken by council action prior in tonight's meeting<BR><BR>Gordy Smith, Iron Range Building Trades, and Mike Fabish, Building and Trades Council, requested placement on tonight's agenda regarding PLA agreements. They informed council members that they are currently revisiting all communities that they had approached earlier this year, to request that they approve of a PLA for area projects. Currently Mt. Iron, Virginia, Eveleth, Cromwell and St. Louis County, have PLA's in place. St. Louis County sets Project Guideline of $150,000 for County Guideline for PLA in place. Council member Zupec stated that he feels it is vital that we get area youth involved and keeping them in the community - the Building and Trades Council holds career days for area youth, and would be willing to come into the Ely Schools to make this presentation. Council member Novak suggested that Gordy Smith and Mike Fabish contact him after the first of the year regarding Project Labor Agreements, as there was no documentation for council to review at this meeting, as the council had some issues with the guidelines presented earlier this year, one being the need for a permanent presence to support persons that joined the union - a process needs to be set up to move up the line. Mayor Skraba stated that our community should have a Project Labor Agreement in place to maintain continuity of the work force on the Iron Range, and that he would feel comfortable following the St. Louis County guideline of $150,000. Council member Debeltz noted that he felt it important to keep young people here in Ely. Council member Zupec stated that the Council has seen the actual document prior, and he is comfortable with supporting this Project Labor Agreement tonight, since the cities of Eveleth and Virginia have gone on record in support. Council member Novak commented that he is not comfortable voting on this document at this time, as it is not in front of him to review. Moved by Zupec supported by Debeltz, that the City of Ely accept the St. Louis County PLA Agreement as written, for the City of Ely's Project Labor Agreement, at the $150,000.00 level.<BR><BR>YES: Council members Debeltz, Zupec, Mayor Skraba (3)<BR><BR>NO: Council members Pecha, Novak (2)<BR><BR>ABSENT: Council members Hillman, Przybylski (2)<BR><BR>Council member Novak requested that he change his vote to yes - to recommit in January. Mayor Skraba stated that once you make the vote, you are committed.<BR><BR>Roberts Rules of Order will be reviewed for proper procedure.<BR><BR>Motion carried.<BR><BR>Council member Zupec requested that the City contact the Ely Schools about participating in a Career Day sponsored by the Buildings and Trades Council.<BR><BR>Council members concurred.<BR><BR>Council member Zupec reported on behalf of the City Land Committee Meeting of December 18th: committee discussed St. Louis County Tax Forfeited Lands ( Council had referred to committee for recommendation), and it was the committee's recommendation that the City of Ely not pursue these tax forfeit lands at this time. Moved by Zupec supported by Pecha, that above recommendation be approved. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Council member Zupec noted that the City Land Committee also discussed the request from Gene Harri to the City of Ely, to purchase the property he is currently leasing from the City next to his shop on Camp Street. Committee is recommending that the property be sold to Gene Harri at the appraised value minus improvements that party had made to property. Mayor Skraba also noted that the City needs to maintain an easement in place for this property also. Moved by Zupec supported by Debeltz, that the City Administrator be requested to contact the City Attorney's Office to pursue the sale of this property to Gene Harri at the fair market appraised value minus any improvements party made to this property, with an easement in place to the City of Ely, with documents to be brought back to the council for review and approval. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Council member Debeltz reported that the City Parks and Recreation Board had met on December 18th with a quorum present, but that at this time there were no official minutes available, and Council member Debeltz will be reporting on this meeting at the next regular city council meeting. The Board is looking for some good people interested in serving on the City Parks and Recreation Board - letters of application will be accepted until Friday, December 29, 2006, 4:30 P.M. Also, the Board is recommending that two council representatives be seated on the Board; one as an Ad Hoc Members and the other as a voting member. <BR><BR>Council member Novak reported that the Telecommunications Advisory Board will be holding a special meeting on Friday, December 29, 2006, 11:00 A.M. Ely City Hall, to review sealed bids on City Wide Computer Network, Hardware and Software Maintenance And Support and City of Ely Web Site. This matter will be discussed at the first regular city council meeting in January. He also informed council members of an Iron Range Network Meeting to take place at the Grand Ely Lodge, January 10th, from 10:00 A.M. - Noon. Council member Novak reported that the townhomes are approximately one week behind schedule at this time, but are anticipating the June 1, 2007 completion date. Council member Pecha questioned whether the project is within budget or not, with Council member Novak noting that we have not gone into contingencies as of this date. Council member Novak also reported that the EADA is looking for new members and also volunteers to serve on a nominating committee. New members will be voted on at the January 2007 quarterly meeting. Council member Novak also expressed concern over the lack of attendance of members, as shown in the official minutes of the Community Center Blue Ribbon Committee. Matter of information.<BR><BR>Council member Pecha reported that minutes have been provided council members from the December 14th City Labor Management Committee Meeting - matter of information.<BR><BR>The Committee is looking for new members representing the Council and the EUC.<BR><BR>The Employee Relations Committee discussed and selected five candidates to interview for the City Journeyman Mechanic position on Wednesday, December 20th, with a recommendation to hire to be made at the December 21st recessed council meeting. Matter of information.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba noted that he had met with area legislators regarding the Highway #169 project, pertaining to Joint Powers. He commented that it would behoove the council to establish a relationship with Senator Tom Bakk regarding proposed sales tax, as Senator Bakk will be thinking of the Greater Minnesota Area. Mayor Skraba also reported that RLK Kuusisto Engineer Harold Langowski and himself had attended a Comprehensive Planning Meeting with Town of Morse, with Morse Township officials looking forward to meeting jointly with the Ely City Council on land issues. The 4th Avenue East project will be the city's largest in 2007, with a shortfall of approximately $150,000 at this time.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba reported on behalf of the Community Joint Powers Board noting that the Town of Morse, City of Babbitt, City of Winton, feel that contract with IRR for $45,000 loan for airport improvements is with the City, not the Community Joint Powers Board.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba is recommending that the City of Ely draft up a separate amendment addressing original contract, to be set up between the City of Ely and the Community Joint Powers Board, regarding loan repayment of these funds to the IRR. Moved by Novak supported by Pecha, that recommendation be accepted, and that this matter be referred to the City Attorney to draft up amendment as noted above, for City and Community Joint Powers Board signatures. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Council member Zupec reported on behalf of the Highway #1 Corridor Economic Development Working Group, noting that group is requesting a $1,000 contribution from the City of Ely for seed money, with this money being to provide initial marketing and planning dollars so the group can move forward in developing a strategy for targeting a highly prioritized, select group of three industries/businesses as candidates for large scale development in the area. The planning and marketing are necessary for the group to pursue companies that could tap the $4 million dollar fund established in the 2006 legislative session. Moved by Zupec supported by Debeltz, that request be approved. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Council member Zupec reported on the meeting he had attended last week pertaining to the disposition of the Kawishiwi cabins at Halfway Site - the Ely Chamber of Commerce has shown interest in relocating to the West End of Ely, and could use additional buildings for kiosk and restroom facilities, and the USFS would be interested in donating these buildings to the City. It was also noted that VCC might be interested in one of the buildings. Council member Zupec further stated that the buildings were originally created by three Ely people, and have the potential to be something of interest to the public. Moved by Novak supported by Debeltz, that the following individuals be appointed to a working group to address above issue, to consist of the City Attorney, Building Inspector, VCC Provost - Mary Koski, Council member Zupec, and Clerk-Treasurer/Admin. Butler. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Council member Zupec also reported that at the Kawishiwi meeting, he had met Bill Clayton, USFS, who is replacing Gordon Peters, and discussed the possibility of creating a Boundary Waters History Center on the top floor of the Ely Community Center. They discussed how the city could acquire materials from the USFS, and various funding sources that could possibly assist the City of Ely in further renovation of the CC Building. Council member Zupec suggested inviting Bill Clayton to Ely to speak before the Council on this issue, with council members concurring with Council member Zupec's recommendation.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba brought up the minutes of the Community Center Blue Ribbon Committee, in which committee submitted to the council price quotes on publishing of a public survey, looking for input on the Ely Community Center Building. Moved by Novak supported by Debeltz, that the City of Ely approve publication of survey in the Ely Echo, Ely Timberjay and Ely Shopper, as requested, with said expense for publication to be taken out of account #41960-437. Carried unanimously. Council member Zupec noted that Council member Hillman will be leaving the area for several months, but stated he would be willing to write a grant for an elevator for the Community Center, if the Council so directed. Clerk-Treasurer/Admin. Butler requested that the City of Ely write a letter of thanks to Rachel Heinrich and Barbara Schultz, for all their efforts in putting together a community survey for public comment on the Ely Community Center. Moved by Debeltz supported by Zupec, that request be approved. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>City Engineer provided council members with a Projects Status Report for December 2006. Matter of information.<BR><BR>The EUC General Manager presented the following consent agenda items:<BR><BR>1. Authorize payment of $9,133.22 to Leustek for water main/gate valves/hydrants purchase for HRA Project;<BR><BR>2. Authorize purchase of Badger 3" Turbo Series Meter for Wastewater Plant - Hydro Metering - $857.00;<BR><BR>3. Recommend sharing ? cost of Minnesota Power Proposal for Safety and Industrial Hygiene Services for 2007 - $7,600.00;<BR><BR>4. Approve bills payable for November 2006 - $178,747.42;<BR><BR>5. Authorize payment to Old Republic Surety Group for city personnel bonding<BR><BR>(in accord with USDA grant requirements) - $1,050.00;<BR><BR>6. Authorize payment of RLK Invoice #10 - Semer's Park Sewer - $1,753.00;<BR><BR>7. Authorize payment of RLK Invoice #7 - 4th Avenue East infrastructure improvements - $2,199.60;<BR><BR>8. Recommend payment of RLK Invoice #2 - Joint PW Facility - $14,058.18;<BR><BR>9. Recommend approval of providing power for John Evanish trailer at 625 East Fortier ( Lake Country Power to provide waiver);<BR><BR>10. Authorize PPE#1 and #2 - Leustek - Joint PW Facility Utilities - $268,241.14<BR><BR>(GM to process reimbursement request from St. Louis County).<BR><BR>INFORMATION <BR><BR>1. Adopt off-peak storage rate agreement with amendment to EUC Policy 2005-3<BR><BR>(GM to contact current off-peak customers to submit application)<BR><BR>2. Customers in new sanitary service area - Semer's Park - required to connect by August 1, 2006 and pay sewer access charge of $2,000.00.<BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz supported by Zupec, that above items #1 - #10 be approved and ordered filed. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Discussion was held regarding EUC Item #1 - INFORMATION <BR><BR>Council member Pecha questioned older units not falling under policy.<BR><BR>EUC Commissioner Gordon Sheddy was present, informing council members that the EUC will be addressing this matter at their next meeting - addressing units currently in place to be grandfathered in. Council member Novak stated that the customer would have legal resource against this policy. Mayor Skraba informed council members that he had spoken to the EUC General Manager about this matter, noting that the consumer will use power anyway but will now have to put in baseboard heat. Council member Novak commented that electrical cost to heat is less than that of petroleum, and the EUC should look at selling more electricity, and can then put additional monies into infrastructure and upgrading of electrical lines. Matter of information.<BR><BR>The following claims for payment were presented for council approval:<BR><BR>A. Klun Law Firm - Invoice #11853 - Ely Police Department Matters - $172.17;<BR><BR>B. WSB and Associates Inc. - Runway shift, Ely Airport - Invoice #17 - professional services - October 2006 - $25,666.96 ( approve contingent upon Airport Commission approval);<BR><BR>C. Access Broadband - wireless set up - $2,275.00 ( wireless grant reimbursement to City);<BR><BR>D. St. Louis County - City share for crushing - summer 2006 - $1,407.75; final funding request MP 3709 $27,043.50 ( Streets and Infrastructure monies) ;<BR><BR>E. Northland Trust Services Inc. - City of Ely, MN - $345,000 GO Tax Increment Refunding Bonds, Series 2005A - $26,998.75;<BR><BR>F. The Brehm Group - Personal Accident Policy/ Council members - $89.25<BR><BR>G. RLK Kuusisto Incl.<BR><BR>1. Project 2005-512, Change Order 3 - Engineering Services, Joint Public Works Facility - $2,525.00;<BR><BR>2. Project 2005-512 - Joint Public Works Facility, Partial Payment Estimate No. 2, Leustek and Sons - $137,458.73;<BR><BR>3. West Chapman / 1st Avenue East Improvements - Partial Payment No. 3, Leustek and sons - $24,083.45;<BR><BR>4. Sibley Drive property pins - engineering services for October 2006 - $1,000.00;<BR><BR>5. Northwoods Townhomes - engineering services - $1,027.50;<BR><BR>6. West Chapman / 1st Avenue East Improvements - engineering services - $9,536.01;<BR><BR>7. Partial payment estimate 2 - Semer's Park Sewer - Leustek and Sons - $114,316.78;<BR><BR>8. Northwoods Townhomes - Johnson Fargo Culbert Inc. - #146601 - driveway culverts - $5,082.39; Cretex - storm sewer - $4,378.89 ( City of Ely billing totaling $9,470.28)<BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz supported by Novak, that above claims A - G ( 1, 3-8) be approved and ordered filed. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba requested that relative to Change Order No 3 for the Joint Public Works Facility, increasing Project No. 2005-512 by $2,525.00, as part of the water extension to the Joint Public Works Garage, a water service was also extended to the Dorothy Molter Museum property, water main loop between Spaulding and the USFS, water services were installed for Ojala's property and Rhode's property, and that these individuals should not be charged any future WAC and SAC charges by the EUC. Council members concurred.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba also requested that Clerk-Treasurer/Admin. Butler keep a full accounting on the Northwoods Townhomes project. Council members concurred.<BR><BR>Moved by Novak supported by Debeltz, that Item G-2, under Claims for Payment, be stricken from payment approval on tonight's agenda, as this claim was approved prior.<BR><BR>Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Moved by Pecha supported by Novak, that the council waive readings in their entirety, of all ordinances and resolutions on tonight's agenda. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Minnesota Department of Transportation submitted an amendment for Ely Municipal Airport, S.P. 6920-36, Agreement No. 88706, Maintenance Building Rehabilitation, reflecting State's proportionate share of the project being $12,238.80; municipality's total obligation under this Agreement and any and all amendments being $5,245.20. Moved by Debeltz supported by Novak, that addendum be approved with Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer/Admin. authorized to execute on behalf of the City of Ely.<BR><BR>Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Agreement was received from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for City of Ely Hidden Valley Ski Trail System, Project #0016-06-2B. Moved by Novak supported by Debeltz, that agreement be approved with Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer/Admin. authorized to sign on behalf of the City of Ely. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Moved by Pecha supported by Novak, that the City of Ely adopt the 2007 General Fund Departmental Budgets and the 2007 EUC Departmental Budgets. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Council member Novak recommended that the council work with the EUC to get rid of the negative results in the water and wastewater funds for the next budget cycle. Mayor Skraba requested that an additional $10,000.00 be allocated to the recreation fund and $5,000.00 for council retreat. Council members concurred with request.<BR><BR>Council member Zupec reported that the Lincoln Skating Rink will be open during Christmas vacation. Mayor Skraba extended the City's thanks to Kurt Mattila for his efforts in preparing the Lincoln Rink for this opening.<BR><BR>Council member Zupec offered the following Ordinance: <BR><BR>Proposed Ordinance # 192, Second Series, An Ordinance Of The City of Ely, Minnesota, Adding To The Ely City Code, Chapter ____, Section ____, Entitled Special Fund For Retirement Of Joint Maintenance Facility Debt.<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The City of Ely, pursuant to a Purchase Agreement dated October 5, 2004, and in connection with the construction of a Joint Maintenance Facility, shall be acquiring real property from St. Louis County, and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The City of Ely will be vacating its current City maintenance facility, and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The City of Ely may sell either of the above mentioned properties, and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: Section 12.05 of the City Charter requires that net cash proceeds of any sale of real property shall be used to retire any outstanding indebtedness incurred by the city in acquisition or improvement of the property.<BR><BR>The Council of the City of Ely Does Hereby Ordain:<BR><BR>Section 1. A new Section shall be added to Chapter ____ as Section ____, of the Ely City Code to read as follows:<BR><BR>Net proceeds from the potential sales of the above-mentioned properties shall be used to retire outstanding debt incurred by the City of Ely for the Joint Maintenance Facility now currently under construction.<BR><BR>There shall be maintained in the City Treasury a special fund for the purpose of collecting net proceeds from these potential sales. Pursuant to Section 7.08 of the Charter of the City of Ely, Minnesota, the Council shall not have the authority to permanently transfer from this special fund except as provided herein.<BR><BR>Section 2. Effective Date: Pursuant to Section 3.08 of the Charter of the City of Ely, Minnesota, the adoption of this Ordinance is effective immediately after final adoption and publication.<BR><BR>Motion for the adoption of the foregoing ordinance was made by Council member Zupec, seconded by Council member Novak, and declared carried on the following vote:<BR><BR>Moved by Novak supported by Debeltz, that the ordinance be amended in a second reading to reflect wording for a sunset clause or that the ordinance expires once the land is sold if not proceeding debt, and that these changes along with filling in Chapter and Section blanks, be referred to the City Attorney for the second reading and publication.<BR><BR>YES: Council members Pecha, Novak, Debeltz, Zupec, Mayor Skraba (5)<BR><BR>NO: None (0)<BR><BR>ABSENT: Council members Hillman, Przybylski (2)<BR><BR>Proposed Ordinance #192, Second Series, adopted and given a first reading and publication, this 19th day of December 2006.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba introduced the following resolution for Council consideration<BR><BR>Resolution 2006 - 43<BR><BR>WHEREAS: Secondhand smoke kills 50,000 to 60,000 Americans and more than 1,000 Minnesotans every year from heart disease and lung cancer, and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: Children are particularly vulnerable to the hazards of secondhand smoke, which causes respiratory tract infections, asthma induction and aggravation, middle ear infections, sudden infant death syndrome ( SIDS ), and decreased lung function; and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: Employees should not be forced to risk their health through exposure to dangerous and deadly toxins in their work place; and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The most effective way to protect employees and public health from the hazards of secondhand smoke is to eliminate second hand smoke by creating smoke-free environments.<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The Ely City Council believes that the issue of smoking in public places and work sites ( including restaurants and bars ) should be a concern for all levels of government - federal, state and local.<BR><BR>THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: By the City Council of the City of Ely, Minnesota: to fully protect workers and the public from the known health dangers in second hand smoke by adopting legislation that creates smoke-free work places, and working with adjoining county boards in creating a regional smoke-free work place environment.<BR><BR>Motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was made by Council member Debeltz, and seconded by Mayor Skraba, and declared carried on the following vote:<BR><BR>YES: Mayor Skraba (1)<BR><BR>NO: Council members Pecha, Novak, Debeltz, Zupec (4)<BR><BR>ABSENT: Council members Hillman, Przybylski (2)<BR><BR>Motion for adoption of resolution to be declared lost.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba noted that he felt with all the hoopala at the County level, he feels that St. Louis County will do something, and he wanted Ely to be proactive in working with neighboring counties, in protecting our workers. Council member Novak requested a level playing field in that if St. Louis County adopts and Lake County does not, there will be a problem. He recommended that the positions of adjoining counties should be made known, as there would be significant revenue losses to businesses if only St. Louis County adopted such a policy. He also noted that he would look at this issue again with language reflecting an Arrowhead Region, not only St. Louis County.<BR><BR>Meeting recessed for a fifteen minute break at 8:10 P.M. to change recording tape.<BR><BR>Meeting was called back to order at 8:25 P.M.<BR><BR>PRESENT: Council members Pecha, Novak, Debeltz, Zupec, Mayor Skraba (5)<BR><BR>ABSENT: Council members Hillman, Przybylski (2)<BR><BR>Council member Debeltz offered the following resolution: 2006 - 44 <BR><BR>WHEREAS: The regional public library systems in Minnesota have contributed to both improvements in library operation and efficiencies in providing services to the entire population of the State of Minnesota, and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The State's contribution to Regional Library Basic System Support has not increased for more than a decade, and,<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The funding for regional public library systems has increasingly fallen on local property tax dollars,<BR><BR>BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: That the Ely City Council hereby requests its legislative representatives and the Governor to place a high priority on a substantial increase in the Regional Public Library System Basic Support appropriation during the 2007 legislative session.<BR><BR>BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Ely City Council hereby requests that the League of Minnesota Cities join the Minnesota Library Association ( MLA ) in lobbying the Legislature for this increase during the 2007 Legislative session.<BR><BR>Motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was made by Council member Debeltz, seconded by Council member Zupec, and declared carried on the following vote:<BR><BR>YES: Council members Pecha, Novak, Debeltz, Zupec, Mayor Skraba (5)<BR><BR>NO: None (0)<BR><BR>ABSENT: Council members Hillman, Przybylski (2)<BR><BR>Adopted this 19th day of December 2006.<BR><BR>St. Louis County brought before the council for approval an Easement between the City of Ely and County of St. Louis for an access road from State Trunk Highway #169 and the Hidden Valley Road. The Public Works Department has entered into discussions with the owners of the adjoining property and have reached a general agreement regarding an exchange of easements for a joint access road., which will allow construction of the access road to the proposed joint maintenance facility in Ely.<BR><BR>Moved by Novak supported by Debeltz, that easement be approved with the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer/Admin. authorized to sign on behalf of the City of Ely. <BR><BR>YES: Council members Novak, Debeltz, Zupec, Mayor Skraba (4)<BR><BR>NO: Council member Pecha (1)<BR><BR>ABSENT: Council members Hillman, Przybylski (2)<BR><BR>Motion carried.<BR><BR>Lease Agreement between St. Louis County (Lessor) , Lake County and City of Ely (Lessees) for the Joint Public Works Maintenance Facility, was brought before the Ely City Council for approval. Moved by Novak supported by Debeltz, that the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer/Admin. be authorized to execute on behalf of the City of Ely.<BR><BR>YES: Council members Novak, Debeltz, Zupec, Mayor Skraba (4)<BR><BR>NO: Council member Pecha (1)<BR><BR>ABSENT: Council members Hillman, Przybylski (2)<BR><BR>Motion carried.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba noted that the term of the lease is for 20 years, commencing on May 1, 2007 and continuing through April 30, 2027, with unlimited options to renew pursuant to lease language. Ely shall pay an estimated One Hundred Fifty One Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Two and 00/100 Dollars ( $151,652) annually in two equal installments for twenty years with the first payment of approximately $75,826 due on November 1, 2007; and every year thereafter, a similar payment will be due on May 1st and on November 1st for the entire 20 year term, equaling a total of 40 payments, with the last payment due on May 1, 2027. Mayor Skraba also noted that other issues, such as operating cost management, will be taken up with the new council. Matter of information.<BR><BR>The following 2007 Soft Drink License and Cigarette License renewals were brought before the council for approval: SOFT DRINK - Ely Steam Bath, Dee's Bar Inc., Sir G's Italian Restaurant, Ely Bowling Center Inc., Vermilion College, V.F.W. Post #2717, Jugoslav National Home, Holiday Stationstore, Cranberry's, State Theatre, Dairy Queen Brazier, Cliff Wold Outfitting Co., Canadian Waters, Tony's Conoco, Blomberg Amoco, Stony Ridge/Shagawa Lake Inc., Edward's Lucky Seven, Kwazy Wabbit, Wildlife Liquor, Canoe Country Outfitters, Northern Grounds Café, Pamida, Zupancich Brothers Inc., Zaverl's Bar, Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital, Britton's Café, Jackie's Drive In Liquor, Skube's Bait and Tackle, Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge #1580, Portage Bar, Pizza Hut, The Chocolate Moose, Ben Franklin, Mike's Drive In Liquors, Grand Ely Lodge, Subway, Ely Steak House, Voyaguer 66, Dorothy Molter Foundation, Kat's Drive In Liquor, Family Video, Triple J and T Enterprises dba: Vertin's Café and Pub, Oriental Orchid, Ely Northland Market, Front Porch Coffee and Tea Company, Journey's End Café and Smokehouse; CIGARETTE - Dee's Bar Inc., Ely Bowling Center and Lounge Inc., V.F.W. Post #2717, Holiday Stationstores, Cranberry's, Tony's Conoco, Blomberg Amoco, Edward's Lucky Seven, Wildlife Liquor, Kwazy Wabbit, Zupancich Brothers Inc., Zaverl's Bar Inc., Mike's Drive In Liquor, Voyageur 66, Kat's Drive In Liquor, Jackie's Drive In Liquor, Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge #1580, Portage Bar, Grand Ely Lodge, Ely Steak House, Prairie Fire Tobacco, Ely Northland Market.<BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz supported by Pecha, that above licenses be approved pending proper paperwork and license fee. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Council member Zupec questioned why Journey's End Café and Smokehouse was not included on Soft Drink License List ( omitted in error, has been incorporated on Soft Drink approval list); and ISD #696. ( Clerk's Office will research).<BR><BR>RLK Kuusisto presented Change Order No. 2 for the West Chapman/1st Avenue East Improvements Project 2006-133, which extends the final completion date from October 27, 2006 to June 15, 2007, with Change Order 2 not changing the contract amount. <BR><BR>Council member Pecha questioned original completion date on this project, and commented that the City of Ely ends up with the same situation every year - why have a due date when not enforced. Mayor Skraba stated that he had discussed this matter with RLK Engineer Harold Langowski, and that the problem is part City responsibility and part Contractor responsibility on this project.<BR><BR>Moved by Novak supported by Pecha, that Change Order No. 2 be approved, with the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer/Admin. authorized to sign on behalf of the City of Ely.<BR><BR>Carried unanimously. <BR><BR>Clerk-Treasurer/Admin. Butler informed council members that he is requesting a work schedule calendar from the EUC General Manager and Foremen of public works and electrical departments, which will be available to all parties. Matter of information.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba suggested that the Council meet with the EUC General Manager to discuss overage on the Joint Public Works Project as the City will need to determine who will pay - Council would like a total picture from the EUC - part of economic development project. Council requested that the EUC General Manager be requested to attend the Thursday, December 21st, Ely City Council recessed meeting to discuss this issue, and that the Council get copies of document with Mayor Skraba's comments. <BR><BR>Regular meeting then went into closed session at 8:45 P.M.<BR><BR>Closed meeting reopened.<BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz supported by Zupec, to recess tonight's regular meeting to Thursday, December 21, 2006, 6:00 P.M. Ely City Council Chambers. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Patricia M. Wellvang<BR><BR>Deputy Clerk<BR><BR>City of Ely<BR><BR> Ely Echo 12/23/2006