City of Ely Notice

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC<BR><BR>City of Ely employees will thaw private frozen water lines within the city limits when time is avalable. The cost to the homeowner or business is as follows:<BR><BR>1. Minimum charge is $100 (up to one hour).<BR><BR>2. Charge for each additional hour or portion of an hour will be $50.<BR><BR>3. You will be charged for all overtime if you request a thaw during other than normal work hours.<BR><BR>Thaws will be worked on in the order they are requested only as time allows.<BR><BR>The conditions we are experiencing this year are conducive to freezing water lines due to extreme low temperatures and limited snow cover. You may want to take precautions to minimize the chance of your water line freezing between the city main and your home. If your line is not well protected by soil depth or insulation and is susceptible to freezing, you may want to consider running water to prevent a freeze up.<BR><BR>1. How much water do I need to run to prevent freezing? The generally accepted practice is to run a stream about the size of a pencil.<BR><BR>2. When do I stop running my water? It is considered safe when the ice leaves the lakes in the Spring.<BR><BR>Terry Jackson, General Manager<BR><BR>Ely Utilities Commission