From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

Summer is almost upon us. Time to put in the dock, sweep off the steps and hope you packed these two good books to take to the cabin with you for summer reading.<BR><BR>The first one is part of the Minnesota Byways series from the Minnesota Historical Society: Cabins of Minnesota. With 100 photographs by Doug Ohman and text by Bill Holm, the 128 page handcover book is priced at $19.95.<BR><BR>The photos include hunting and ice fishing shacks which are used as cabins as well as more traditional cabins near lakes. Some resort cabins are included too. Getaway places with style and uniqueness which are beloved by many Minnesota families and envied by out-of-staters.<BR><BR>Ohman notes that "The cabin is one of our treasured places where we go to relax, breathe fresh air, recreate, sleep, watch nature - oh, did I mention relax?"<BR><BR>Especially enjoyable for those of us who have never been there are the photos of Ernest Carl Oberholtzer's cabins on Rainy Lake near International Falls. The cabins are taken care of by the foundation that bears his name and are open to writers and musicians upon application.<BR><BR>Referencing Henry David Thoreau's Walden, writer Bill Holm tells of his youthful trip into Walden Pond with some tipsy friends and concludes with words about his own cabin on the north coast of Iceland.<BR><BR>Book two is a slim paperback book entitled Greetings from the Arrowhead - Volume 1: The North Shore and Canoe Country. The 100 pages include old postcards images and brief histories of the area. Ely's schools and historic buildings are shown and if you've wondered about some historic buildings and places between Ely and Grand Marais, you may find them here.<BR><BR>A nice browse to pick up and randomly look through. Priced at $14.95.<BR><BR>* * * <BR><BR>Thirty years ago in the Ely Echo, a forest fire burned 100 acres near the old Ely airport.<BR><BR>Echo editor Bob Cary wrote a "Typical, Opinionated Front Page Editorial" entitled "Guns, Crime & Mr. Spannaus."<BR><BR>Sam Cook and Doug Smith went smelting on Lake Superior and wrote about it. Smith was covering the Goedderz murder trial for the Echo at the time and Daniel "Red" Nelson of Ely had been indicted for first degree murder.<BR><BR>Gerturde Vertnik's apple potica recipe was a feature. Joan Edman was named Ely's 1977 Mother of the Year.<BR><BR>First Northwestern Bank of Ely, also know as Banco, was planning to expand its main bank.<BR><BR>An ad for Vermilion Community College compared its tuition, books and supplies of $695 for a year with the U of Minnesota's $3,330.