From the miscellaneous drawer - I'm glad

by Anne Swenson

I'm glad that in my teens I had a job every Saturday and worked full-time every summer. The money earned provided me with clothes for school, spending money and helped the family budget.<BR><BR>I'm glad that in college I worked for the same reasons.<BR><BR>I'm glad that in my 20s I finally had time to spend many days reading and was able to lay in the sun on beaches. It was a time to immerse myself in new experiences for a year, to live in a country new to me.<BR><BR>I'm glad that I re-discovered Ely and felt each time I visited that I was coming to a place I knew was my home.<BR><BR>I'm glad that in my 30s I had the opportunity to raise two children and introduce them to the world we live in.<BR><BR>I'm glad that as I approached age 40 I found a job I loved in a place I loved, with people I loved around me.<BR><BR>I'm glad that in my 50s and 60s my family moved close by and their families started to grow. <BR><BR>I'm glad that in my 70s I have a reason to get up and go to work and a purpose to my life.<BR><BR>I grew up thinking (and being told) I was lazy. If I were at home 24/7 I believe I might return to that lazy state and at this age that would be dangerous. My body would atrophy and my mind would slide along with it.<BR><BR>My five-year-old grandson told me last week, "You're not old, Grandma." <BR><BR>I don't know what criteria he uses. He also informed me that he was "going on an adventure into the woods" surrounding my house. I volunteered to join him. There's nothing like a good adventure. Life is always an adventure which is about to happen.<BR><BR>* * *<BR><BR>In the Ely Echo issue of May 18, 1977, the new superintendent of the Superior National Forest, Bob Rehfield, and Kawishiwi Ranger Ray Chase were in Ely to "establish better community relations." Still raging in Congress were bills to change the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and add the word "Wilderness." Lake County Planning and Zoning made known its opposition to U.S. Rep. Oberstar's proposal which would affect Fall Lakes' 22 resorts and 500 residences - "It leaves too many issues unresolved."<BR><BR>Doug Smith was interviewing Bill Cunningham of the Friends of the Boundary Waters. Meanwhile the last of the murder trial testimony was heard and the jury was set to deliberate.<BR><BR>Waino Wirtanen was named the American Legion Post Commander. Mesaba Airlines announced it was expanding its flight schedule to and from Duluth and Ely.