The City of Ely Board of Adjustment will conduct a public hearing on Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 6:01 PM in the Card Room of the Ely Community Center (Room 123, 30 S I" Ave. E.) to consider a variance request. JMW Properties 001, LLC own property described as:<BR><BR>That part of the unplatted portion of the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of S34/T63N/R12W of the 4th Principal Meridian, St. Louis County, MN, described as follows:<BR><BR>Assuming the East line of said NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 to bear south 00&#186;39'23" East and from the northeast corner of the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4, run South 00&#186;39'23" East along said East Line, a distance of 1025.85'; thence South 89&#186;33'37" West, a distance of 75.00' to a point on the West right-of - way of MN State Highway 1, being the POINT OF BEGINNING.<BR><BR>Thence continue South 89&#186;33'37" West, a distance 123.21' to a point on the South line of Block 2 of the plot of Zaverl's Fifth Addition and a nontangential curve concave to the Southwest;<BR><BR>Thence Northwesterly along said nontangential curve, central angle of 42&#186;41'17", chord bearing of North 48&#186;08'42" West, chord distance of 779.56', radius of 1070.92', a distance of 797.89' to a point on the West line of the officially recorded plot of Zaverl'sFifth Addition extended northerly to the South right-of -way of Sheridan Street;<BR><BR>Thence North 00&#186;26'23" West along said West line extended a distance of 70.83' to the South right-of-way of Sheridan Street.<BR><BR>Thence North 89&#186;33'19" East along said South right-of -way, a distance of 429.98';<BR><BR>Thence South 16&#186;12'17" East, a distance 97.51';<BR><BR>Thence South 42&#186;41'12" East, a distance of 275.07';<BR><BR>Thence south 64&#186;31'34" East, a distance 63.83' to said West right-of-way of MN State Highway 1:<BR><BR>Thence South 00&#186;39'23" East along said West right-of -way, a distance of 270.11' to the POINT OF BEGINNING. Said parcel contains 3.93 acres, parcel code yet to be assigned.<BR><BR>JMW Properties 001, LLC is requesting variances from Table 14.08 (1) - which allows a maximum wall sign size of 125 sq. ft. - their request is for 131 sq. ft., and, Section 14.08, Subd 3, B - to exceed 25% of the copy area coverage on an owning.<BR><BR>All interested parties will be heard at this hearing. If you are unable to attend the hearing but wish to comment, you may do so in writing and either mail your comments to or drop them off at City Hall, 209 E Chapman St., Ely, or by calling the Planning A Zoning office at 365-3224, ext. 313. All comments must be received by noon on the day of the hearing to be considered.<BR><BR>Kathleen Kennedy<BR><BR>Planning & Zoning Administrator<BR><BR>