From the miscellaneous drawer - Snow

by Anne Swenson

A good friend sent me this poster. It was ripped off a newsstand in London during an awful chaotic situation last winter.<BR><BR>Funny how we respond to changes in the weather when we live in various places around the world.<BR><BR>In San Diego, California I dreaded rains after a hot summer when I was driving. It seemed as if the expressways turned into a grease pit which could set the car into an uncontrollable spin unexpectedly.<BR><BR>When there are extremes in weather across the United States the Echo gets phone calls from subscribers asking if it is cooler here than it is where they live in the hot south. In the winter we get phone calls about how cold it is or how much snow we have on the ground.<BR><BR>Truth is there never seems to be enough snow on the ground for us. Three to four feet of snow is nice because it serves to insulate underground pipes. That amount also makes for softer snowmobiling treks. It takes a lot of snow to be packed over rocks along the trails.<BR><BR>A subscriber phoned Thursday and said that now he is retired he'd like to move here from Kokomo, Indiana. Trouble is, his wife is not fond of the idea.<BR><BR>I sympathize with them both. Ely isn't for everyone. <BR><BR>Personally I like Ely in the off season because it is a different place socially. In the summer you're lucky if you see good friends once a month or once for the summer. Everyone is just too busy either making a living from the tourism industry or coping with gardens and grass cutting. <BR><BR>In the winter there are more events and happenings than we have time to take in and so we must choose our personal favorites.<BR><BR>If you've just moved here or considering a move here, jump into community life. One newcomer commented that baseball in Ely is exceptional and most weekends there are games which bring competition that he finds exciting.<BR><BR>Whatever your interest, strike up a conversation with your neighbor wherever you are. You'll find that generally Elyites are friendly and helpful. And they tell great stories with very little prodding.<BR><BR>* * *<BR><BR>Thirty years ago in the Ely Echo for June 29, 1977, the restoration of Semers Park was complete.<BR><BR>Jack Garske was featured showing how to cook Chinese foods and sharing his recipes.<BR><BR>City of Ely employees were asking for $6,900 in back pay.<BR><BR>City of Winton offered the Winton Hospital for sale. In its next "life" it became a dorm for college students.<BR><BR>In attendance at a meeting called by Mayor Grahek, Boundary Waters Conservation Alliance and the Boundary Waters Resource Committee were 150 people who filled the Community Center Auditorium. This was a prelude to the Congressional BWCA Hearing which was set for July 9 in Ely.