ISD 696 minutes

School Board Minutes <BR><BR>August 13, 2007<BR><BR>The regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District #696 was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Marsnik. On roll call the following directors were present: Erzar, Kellerman, Leustek, Marsnik, Sorensen, and York-Jesme. Absent: None. Student Council representative: None.<BR><BR>Moved by Erzar, seconded by York-Jesme, to accept the elementary and high school student handbook changes for 2007-2008 as presented by Joselyn Murphy, Principal. Motion carried.<BR><BR>Moved by Kellerman, seconded by York-Jesme, to approve the consent agenda as follows: Minutes of the regular meeting held on July 9, 2007; financial reports for July: monthly receipts -$ 571,856.05; expenditures-monthly payroll $ 63,461.05, total fringe benefits $208,376.61, Invoices $85,417.81; Total $214,600.58; Donations-1. $2250.00 from Wells Fargo to be used for expenses incurred through the Community Education Program, 2. $4640.35 from Lorie Line Music Ticket Sales to purchase band instruments and equipment, 3. 25 student desks from the First Lutheran Church of Ely to be used by Memorial High School, 4. $3,724.00 from the City of Ely to be used for Community Education, 5. $1224.00 from the Town of Morse to be used for Community Education; resignations Susan Lindmeier, k-12 vocal music teacher effective July 23, 2007; Paula Herbranson, secondary science teacher, effective August 8, 2007; and Robert Dolentz (due to retirement), maintenance, effective September 13, 2007; reinstatements-Bob Braff, german teacher/Dean of Students, 1.0 FTE; Tamia Moe, art teacher, .469 FTE; extra-curricular assignments-Jayne Dusich, Cross Country Running Coach (16 pts. @ $165.00/pt.=$2640.00); approved contract with Jim Varichak, Community Education Director, of the Chisholm school district for licensure services ($500.00) for 2007-2008; approved participation in the TRA part time teacher program for 2007-2008. Motion carried.<BR><BR>Moved by Sorensen, seconded by Erzar, to approve the Truth In Taxation dates as follows: Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 6:30 p.m. and continuation meeting date on Thursday, December 13, 2007, at 9:30 a.m. Motion carried.<BR><BR>Moved by Kellerman, seconded by York-Jesme, to approve a salary adjustment for Barb Niewierowski, General Office Clerk, $11.00/hr., effective August 14, 2007. Motion carried.<BR><BR>Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Leustek to approve the lunch/breakfast prices for 2007-2008 as follows: milk-.35 cents, lunch: h.s.-$2.10, elem.-$1.90, extra entr&#233;e-$1.00, breakfast: h.s.$1.00, elem.-.75 cents, adult-$1.50. Motion carried.<BR><BR>Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Erzar, to hire Karin Schmidt for the k-12 vocal music teacher position for the 2007-2008 school year (.474 FTE, BS Step 5, $17,536.10). Motion carried.<BR><BR>Moved by Erzar, seconded by York-Jesme, to accept the following quotes/bids: grease interceptor-Bob Hecimovich $11,488 (low), Anderson Plumbing & Heating also submitted a bid $12,239; roof repair: Range Cornice & Roofing Co. $14,900 (low), A.W. Kuettel & Sons $15,450 and Jamar $21,360 also submitted bids; bread: Sara Lee (low)Whole grain white 1 1/2# sandwich-$1.47, white 1 1/2# sandwich $1.54, Wheat 1 1/2# sandwich $1.60, Coney buns (per dozen) $1.3125, hamburger buns 4" (per dozen) $1.06, foot long buns (per dozen) $2.70, multi grain sandwich buns n/a, multi grain sandwich bread 1 1/2# $1.53, white dinner rolls 16 ct. $1.65 (12 ct.), wheat dinner rolls 16 ct. $1.65 (ct.), English muffins (per dozen) $1.75, deli (hoagie) buns for subs (per dozen $1.35 (6 ct) or $3.65 (24 ct)., a quote was also received from Sunrise Bakery; milk: Dean Foods (low) chocolate milk .2080, 2% .2050, skim .1990, prices based on July 2007 fluid milk escalator clause, Aysta Dairy chocolate milk .21, 2% .22, skim milk .20. Motion carried.<BR><BR>Chairman Marsnik gave a report on the Community Education meeting held on July 24, 2007.<BR><BR>Supt. Anderson gave an update on the progress of the facilities and construction projects going on at the school. Also an update on the U.S. Forest Service plan for vacating JFK Bldg. They will be out by mid October and the top floor of the building is scheduled to be closed up by the end of November.<BR><BR>Principal Murphy reported on the Kindergarten Orientation held on August 6 . 41 Kindergarten students registered that night. As of this meeting we have 47 Kindergarten students registered.<BR><BR>There will be a joint meeting with the Ely City Council on Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at 5 p.m. The next regular meeting of the School Board will be held on Monday, September 10, 2007, at 7:00 p.m.<BR><BR>Correspondence/information items: 1. Ely Community Resource, Inc. Quarterly Progress Report, 2. National Insurance Services life insurance policy renewal rates.<BR><BR>Moved by Erzar, seconded by Leustek, to go into a closed session to discuss negotiation strategy. Motion carried.<BR><BR>Moved by Kellerman, seconded by York-Jesme, to adjourn at 8:48 p.m. Motion carried.<BR><BR>Scott C. Kellerman<BR><BR>Ely Echo 9/15/2007