Kawishiwi Minerals Exploration

DECISION NOTICES AVAILABLE<BR><BR>Kawishiwi Minerals Exploration<BR><BR>USDA Forest Service<BR><BR>Superior National Forest<BR><BR>Kawishiwi Ranger District<BR><BR>Lake County, Minnesota<BR><BR>The Kawishiwi District Ranger, Mark Van Every, has signed three Decision Notices and Findings of No Significant Impact relating to plans of operation for prospecting permits for Duluth Metals Corporation (prospecting permits MNES-050652 & MNES-050846 ), Encampment Resources LLC (prospecting permit MNES-050817) , and Franconia Minerals Corporation (earn-in agreement with Beaver Bay Joint Ventures minerals lease ES-1352). The decision is to adopt Alternative 3 as shown in the Kawishiwi Minerals Exploration Project Environmental Assessment. Under this decision the Forest Service will issue letters to the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM) providing advice on the conditions for approving the plans of operations and the BLM authorization of Duluth Minerals, Encampment and Franconia access and surface occupancy on National Forest System lands for the purpose of mineral exploration.<BR><BR>These minerals exploration activities will occur in Lake County, about 10 miles southeast of Ely, MN on State Highway 1 in an area southeast of the South Kawishiwi River. Highway 1 passes through the area in the vicinity of the activities. Activities will include geophysical surveys and drilling core samples of hardrock ore at up to 74 sites. About 7.5 miles of temporary roads will be developed for accessing drilling sites.<BR><BR>This decision is subject to administrative review (appeal) pursuant to 36 CFR Part 215. A written notice of appeal must be submitted within 45 calendar days after the Legal Notice is published in the Ely Echo. However, when the 45-day filing period would end on a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal holiday, then filing time is extended to the end of the next Federal working day. The date of the publication of the Legal Notice is the only means for calculating the date by which appeals must be submitted; do not rely upon any other source for this information. <BR><BR>The Notice of Appeal must be sent to: Appeal Deciding Officer, Jim Sanders; c/o USDA, Forest Service, Gaslight Building, Suite 700, 626 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202-4616. The Notice of Appeal may alternatively be faxed to: (414) 944-3963, Attn: Appeals Deciding Officer, USDA, Forest Service, Eastern Regional Office. Those wishing to submit appeals by email may do so to appeals-eastern-regional-office@fs.fed.us (Subject: Kawishiwi Minerals Exploration). Acceptable formats for electronic appeals are text or html email, Adobe portable document format, and formats viewable in Microsoft Office applications. Hand-delivered appeals may be submitted at the above address between 7:30 and 4:00 pm CT Monday through Friday, except on Federal holidays. Appeals must meet the content requirements of 36 CFR 215.14 and will only be accepted from those who have expressed interest during the formal, 30-day comment period. <BR><BR>Those who are legal instrument holders such as permitees or leasees, can also appeal under 36 CFR 251 Subpart C and must meet the requirements of 36CFR 251.90. Legal instrument holders must stipulate which appeal regulation they are appealing under. They cannot appeal under both. <BR><BR>If no appeal is received, implementation of this decision may occur on, but not before, 5 business days from the close of the appeal filing period. If an appeal is received, implementation may not occur for 15 days following the date of appeal disposition.<BR><BR>For further information on this decision, including copies of it, contact Michael Jim&#233;nez at the USDA Forest Service, Supervisors Office, 8901 Grand Avenue Place, Duluth, MN, 55808-1122, or call 218-626-4383. The Environmental Assessment and Decision Notice are available on the Superior National Forest webpage at www.fs.fed.us/r9/superior. <BR><BR>Ely Echo 12/1/2007 <BR><BR>