ISD 696 School Board minutes from June & July

School Board Minutes <BR><BR>June 9, 2008<BR><BR>The regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District #696 was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chairman Marsnik. On roll call the following directors were present: Erzar, Hogan, Kellerman, Marsnik, Sorensen, York-Jesme. Absent: None.<BR><BR>Jim Scott, SEH, St. Paul, was present to share a program that evaluates facilities.<BR><BR>Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Erzar, to approve the following consent agenda items:<BR><BR>-Minutes of the regular meeting of May 12, 2008, and the special meeting May 21,2008.<BR><BR>-Financial reports: May - total monthly receipts: $703,685.52; total monthly payroll: $560,481.66; total fringe benefits: $324,843.07; invoices: $174,666.07; total monthly expenditures: $1,059,990.80; monthly revenue over expenditures: ($356,305.28).<BR><BR>-Donations and gifts: 1. $1,000 from the Ely Education Foundation to be used to purchase band uniforms for the high school band, 2. Book, "Piping Plover Summer" from Raven Productions, Inc., Ely (Johnna Hyde) for the Media Center.<BR><BR>-Approve membership in the Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium (ARCC) for FY 2009 in the amount of $20,568.89.<BR><BR>-Approve resignation due to retirement of Frank Lekatz, maintenance, after 20 years of service effective 7-31-08.<BR><BR>-Hire Nicole Boitz as danceline coach for 08/09 ($1,855.00 paid by booster funds).<BR><BR>-Hire Jayne Dusich as cross country coach (girls') for 08/09 ($2640.00).<BR><BR>-Hire Marcia Homer as music director for the 2008/2009 fall musical ($825.00).<BR><BR>-Hire Jim Lah for the Iron Range Youth In Action advisor for 2008/2009 ($990.00 paid by St. Louis Co.).<BR><BR>-Hire Cody Nord for the long term substitute position for high school math (BA Step 1 $32,241).<BR><BR>-Adopt Resolution Authorizing the Sale of Aid Anticipation Certificate for 2008/2009.<BR><BR>-Moved by Erzar, seconded by York-Jesme, to revoke the Resolution Establishing Dates for Filing Affidavits of Candidacy and the Contingent Resolution Relating to Choosing Nominees for Election to the School Board and Calling the School District Primary Election for the School District General Election. Motion carried.<BR><BR>-Moved by Erzar, seconded by York-Jesme, to establish a date for a Special Board meeting, Tuesday, July 8, 2008, at 7 p.m. in the School Board meeting room, Memorial Building, for strategic planning. Motion carried.<BR><BR>-Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Sorensen, to approve the preliminary budget for FY 2009 as presented. Motion carried.<BR><BR>-Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Kellerman, to lay off Linda Owings, paraprofessional, effective September 2, 2008. Motion carried.<BR><BR>-Moved by Erzar, seconded by Sorensen, to lay off Bryn Fadum, paraprofessional, effective September 2, 2008. Motion carried.<BR><BR>-Moved by Erzar, seconded by Sorensen, to approve the bids for the silent auction items (total amount $976.86). Motion carried.<BR><BR>Member Hogan discussed issues related to communication; suggested four initiatives: 1. Interface with ISD #2142 by appointing a Board member to work with the district on ways of sharing resources and working together. Moved by Hogan, seconded by York-Jesme, to assign a School Board member to be coordinator to work with ISD #2142. For: Hogan, Kellerman, Marsnik, Sorensen, York-Jesme. Against: Erzar. Motion carried. 2. Talk about discussions between Virginia and Mt. Iron combining high schools. Supt. Anderson said it's his understanding that this is a dead issue. 3. Retiree insurance proposed to assign a Board member to keep the rest of Board up on the issue. It was decided to wait and discuss with incoming Supt. Don Langan at the July 8th Special meeting. 4. Communications with community - He suggested forming a Communications Committee consisting of two Board members. Moved by Hogan, seconded by Sorensen, to form a two Board member Communications Committee to develop ways to better communicate with the community. Motion carried.<BR><BR>Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Erzar, to accept the resignation of Member Sorensen as of August 31, 2008. Motion carried. There will be a special election for the remainder of her term. The Board will need to make a decision by July if they will appoint someone to Sorensen's position for September and October.<BR><BR>Chairman Marsnik gave an update on the Community Education Committee meeting. The school did cut some services and retain some revenue from Ely Community Resources. The budget was approved.<BR><BR>Supt. Anderson passed out the new policy books and talked about the past year and the future: Biomass Grant, and OPED.<BR><BR>Upcoming meetings; Tuesday, July 2008, Special Board meeting at 7 p.m. and the Monday, July 14, 2008, Regular School Board meeting at 7 p.m.<BR><BR>Chairman Marsnik congratulated the boys' track teams and the boys' and girls' golf teams on their accomplishments at the state level of competition. Letters of congratulations will be sent to their coaches.<BR><BR>Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Erzar, to adjourn at 9:45 p.m. Motion carried.<BR><BR>Scott C. Kellerman, Clerk<BR><BR>Notes from July 8, 2008, School Board Working Session: District Facilities<BR><BR>Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Marsnik. Roll was taken with all members present.<BR><BR>Discussion opened with a review of the options available to the board based upon current information. The board discussed the following topics:<BR><BR>1.0 Replacement, demolition, and remodeling/retrofitting of current facilities.<BR><BR>Summary: Data are necessary to provide the necessary intelligence to determine the most appropriate course of action.<BR><BR>2.0 Facility assessment and monitoring system as presented earlier by SEH.<BR><BR>Summary: It would be perhaps advisable to secure professional analysis not connected with an architectural firm per se.<BR><BR>3.0 The $94,000 IRR revenue for facility study was reviewed with exploration of most appropriate uses of these dollars. The administration will check on the status of this revenue (timelines for use, where funds now sit, etc.) and report to the board.<BR><BR>Summary: These assessment dollars provide the widest set of alternatives for the board in that they do not have to rely on pro-bono or pre-selection of an architectural firm to conduct the facility assessment tasks, but can directly hire<BR><BR>professionals deemed most appropriate for the district's needs.<BR><BR>4.0 The status of the ARI assessment project was reviewed.<BR><BR>Summary: The administration will check on the payment to ARI and the final report that was to result from the 2007 contract with ARI.<BR><BR>5.0 The unencumbered IRR facilities grant revenue of approximately $31,000 was reviewed with the goal to identify projects to be completed by December 2008.<BR><BR>Summary: A project priority list would be reviewed by the board and recommended projects would be made by the superintendent to the board for its consideration and action. This would be done ASAP. However, any encumbrance of these dollars would need to wait until the elevator project was complete, in that any change orders resulting in increased cost would be taken from the $31,000.<BR><BR>6.0 Dr. Langan was asked for his thoughts on the facility project.<BR><BR>Summary:<BR><BR>6.1 Langan submitted that if in fact the facility project in and of itself was designed to create budget savings leading to fiscal stability, such a goal would not be reached. He offered that even if the propane and electricity were offered free to the district, the reduction in expenditures would not offset the June 30, 2010, projected budget deficit.<BR><BR>6.2 The goal of fiscal stability needs to be examined with two major concurrent efforts: (1) reduction of facility costs, and (2) post-employment health insurance and severance benefits. It was offered that as analysis team be put together of three retirees, three current teacher union members, and three board members. The superintendent would be an ex<BR><BR>officio member of this committee.<BR><BR>6.3 Issues of building occupancy and building utility were discussed. The superintendent's position being that building utility information was equally as critical as building occupancy information. The difference between facility "needs" and facility "desires" was discussed. In terms of programs for kids, the needs need to be isolated from wants or wish list recommendations.<BR><BR>6.4 Offered that the board should make the process as transparent as possible by informing the community that our facility needs, regardless of their ultimate definition, will require a bond issue to meet these needs and the bond issue should be set for November 2009. Further, the actual project design, costs, and any and all related information needs to be completed by July 2009. As information becomes available, the community needs to be informed in a clear and timely manner.<BR><BR>6.5 Develop timline for facilities project.<BR><BR>The superintendent will provide the school board with information on the following three topics no later than the August school board meeting: (1) identification of major school campus construction projects the past 36-49 months in districts similar to our demographics and needs, and seek to identify engineering resources-structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, systems (HVAC, Technology, etc.) on a specific discipline base as opposed to a single engineering or architectural company. (2) report on the specifics surrounding the $94,000 IRR grant, (3) check on status of the ARI 2007 project and report.<BR><BR>The board received an update on the Safe Routes to School project from Ann Spangler. The project requires an additional $2,000. The superintendent would provide the school board with his recommendation at the July 14 board meeting.<BR><BR>Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.<BR><BR>Attest: Scott C. Kellerman, Clerk<BR><BR>Ely Echo 7/26/2008<BR><BR>