City of Ely August 19 minutes

<BR><BR>DRAFT<BR><BR>Council Chambers<BR><BR>Ely, Minnesota<BR><BR>Tuesday, August 19, 2008<BR><BR>6:30 P.M. Regular Meeting<BR><BR>Ely City Council<BR><BR>Regular meeting of the Ely City Council was called to order at 6:30 P.M. by Mayor Charles J. Novak.<BR><BR>Present: Council members Debeltz, Lindroos, Nikkola, Omerza, Sheddy, Zupec, Mayor Novak (7)<BR><BR>Absent: None (0)<BR><BR>A quorum was determined.<BR><BR>Mayor Novak thanked all members in the audience for attending tonight's meeting; also, all those in the listening audience watching over Channel 11, public access.<BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz supported by Zupec, that the minutes of the regular meeting of August 5th be approved without reading. Carried unanimously. Minutes to stand as recorded.<BR><BR>The following addition was added to tonight's agenda: Mayor Novak - complaints of coyote population within the city limits. It was the Council's consensus that this matter will be placed as Item D under Mayor's Agenda.<BR><BR>Mayor Novak reported that the Clerk's Office had received several meeting times and dates from the Ely School Board, as to a joint study session between both groups regarding the JFK Building. Council member's requested that due to scheduling conflicts now in August, the Clerk's Office be directed to coordinate the meeting in mid September, offering the Council's apologies to the School Board for not being able to meet in late August, as requested. <BR><BR>Mayor Novak informed Council members of a Ely City Council Public Hearing to take place on Tuesday, August 26th, 5:30 P.M. Council Chambers of the Ely City Hall regarding proposed City Charter Changes; also a Special Ely City Council Meeting to follow at 6:15 P.M. to address proposed ordinance relating to proposed charter changes; with City Council Monthly Study Session to begin at 6:30 P.M. Matter of information.<BR><BR>Mayor Novak offered the following proclamation:<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The 8th Annual Boundary Waters Blues Festival will be held on August 21st - 23rd, and is classified by the Ely Area Chamber of Commerce and Lodging Association as the second largest event in the Ely area; this year featuring ten (10) legendary blues performers, and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The Boundary Waters Blues Festival is held on the shores of Fall Lake,<BR><BR>Winton, at the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, where an estimated 2,500 - 3,000 people will be attend this event in 2008;<BR><BR>NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That I, Charles J. Novak, Mayor of the City of Ely, do hereby proclaim August 18th - 24th as "Blues Week" in the City of Ely, Minnesota in celebration of the Boundary Waters Blues Festival, and encourage all community members to support the three day festivities taking place in Winton, Minnesota with a special acknowledgement given to Mikey Jankovec and Mary Cich for their ongoing efforts in bringing this event to our area, adding an enormous boost to the local economy.<BR><BR>Motion for the adoption of the foregoing proclamation was made by Council member Debeltz, seconded by Council member Zupec, and declared carried on the following vote:<BR><BR>YES: Council members Debeltz, Lindroos, Nikkola, Omerza, Sheddy, Zupec, Mayor Novak (7)<BR><BR>NO: None (0)<BR><BR>ABSENT: None (0)<BR><BR>Adopted this 19th day of August 2008.<BR><BR>Mayor Novak reported that the City is in receipt of numerous complaints from residents pertaining to coyotes spotted within the Ely City Limits. He has spoken to the Chief of Police, who informed him that the department will potentially use shot guns to shoot the coyotes when on the outskirts of town, being very judicious with this action. The DNR has been contacted and they have no interest in assisting the City with the problem. <BR><BR>Mayor Novak encouraged citizens that when they see the coyotes, to please call the Ely Police Department at 365-3222 Monday through Friday, 7:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. and to call 911 after hours and weekends. The Clerk's Office will also be publishing such a notice in the papers.<BR><BR>Mayor Novak congratulated the American Legion Baseball Team along with Coach Tom Coombe, for placing 4th in the State Tournaments. Moved by Debeltz supported by Zupec, that the City publish a letter of congratulations to the team and Coach Coombe, in the local papers. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>The following consent agenda items were brought before the Council:<BR><BR>St. Louis County - Waste Reduction Grant Application ( refer to Clerk-Treasurer and Sanitation Committee);<BR><BR>Approval for 2009 Rental Rates and Facility Use Application Form, for the Miner's Dry Building:<BR><BR>Marcia Mahoney - Farmer's Market; Cecilia Rolando - NLAA - request to extend usage of Whiteside Park, Tuesday nights through October 2008 ( 5:00 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.;<BR><BR>Ely Bowling Center Inc. - Kerry Perushek - request to transfer On Sale / Sunday On Sale Liquor License to Northview Bank, Willow River, Minnesota ( approve pending proper paperwork and license fee, to be forwarded for State approval);<BR><BR>Mayor Novak requested that Item D be removed at this time as the Deputy Clerk reported that in discussing this matter with the State Department of Public Safety, she was informed that a bank cannot apply for a liquor license. Moved by Debeltz supported by Zupec, that above items A - C be approved and ordered filed. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Council member Omerza reported on the Employee Relations Committee Meeting of August 14th: Draft Performance Evaluations were prepared by consultant Rich Rand, for City Employees, City Department Heads, and Independent Contractors of the City of Ely, to be utilized in 2009 performance evaluations. Moved by Omerza supported by Sheddy, that the City approve of utilizing the performance evaluations as compiled and presented by Rich Rand beginning in 2009, adding the category of "positive attitude." Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Moved by Omerza supported by Sheddy, that the job descriptions for the positions of:<BR><BR>Police Chief, Library Director, Deputy Clerk, Fire Chief ; Emergency Management Director be adopted as presented by consultant Paul Ness. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Moved by Omerza supported by Zupec, that the ER Committee Members be tasked with conducting performance evaluations for the Police Chief, Fire Chief, Library Director, immediately following the ER Committee Meeting of September 11th, with the Clerk's Office to coordinate. Carried unanimously. ER Committee is requesting that all Council members receive a performance evaluation form to complete on above department heads, to be considered at actual evaluation.<BR><BR>Moved by Omerza supported by Sheddy, that consultant Rich Rand along with the Clerk-Treasurer and City Employee Negotiating Committee be tasked to negotiate with AFSCME Units and LELS Unit, as to entry level positions and starting salaries, in current contracts for new employees. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Council member Omerza questioned the procedure that will be used on preparation of the City of Ely's preliminary tax levy and budget process; she suggested that department heads be afforded the opportunity to speak before the full Council on their budget requests, requesting that the City Budget Committee also schedule a study session with full Council, reviewing the budget process to date as she feels that the full Council should be involved in the budget process. Mayor Novak, Chairperson of the City Budget Committee, stated that the 1st cut budget will be put out for Council review; the City will need to make a cut of $308,000 to overall general fund budget; when this is completed, the City Budget Committee will begin meeting more often, including study sessions with the full Council. <BR><BR>Council member Debeltz noted that he has a meeting conflict for Wednesday, August 20th, being a scheduled Donald G. Gardner Humanities Trust Board Meeting at 5:15 P.M. and an Ely Rehab/Storefront Renovation Committee Meeting at 5:30 P.M. <BR><BR>Mayor Novak ( also a member of the Ely Rehab/Storefront Renovation Committee) stated that the committee will discuss a meeting time change at their August 20th monthly meeting, so Council member Debeltz is able to attend both meetings on the third Wednesday of the month.<BR><BR>City Attorney Bentz requested Council approval in the consideration of authorizing a different attorney other than the Klun Law Firm, to prosecute a current city criminal case as current City Attorney Bentz has a conflict of interest in this prosecution. Attorney Bentz had originally made request of St. Louis County, but they were not receptive to taking over this prosecution. Moved by Sheddy supported by Debeltz, that request be approved. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Clerk-Treasurer Terri Boese informed Council members that the group of individuals conducting interviews for the Office Assistant/Dispatcher to the Police and Clerk-Treasurer's Office, have completed the interview process and would like to recommend that Sandra Thoms be hired in the position to be included in the AFSCME Essential Unit at 32 hours per week, with the entry level base wage being that of $14.04 per hour / starting at 90%; 95% after six months; 100% after one year, with pro rated benefit package, on a 90 day probationary period. Moved by Nikkola supported by Sheddy, that recommendation be accepted. <BR><BR>YES: Council members Debeltz, Lindroos, Nikkola, Omerza, Sheddy, Mayor Novak (6)<BR><BR>NO: Council member Zupec (1)<BR><BR>ABSENT: None (0)<BR><BR>Motion carried.<BR><BR>Council member Zupec qualified his no vote in stating that he does not feel he has enough information on all the candidates to approve this hiring. Matter of information.<BR><BR>City Operations Director of Public Works and Utilities Langowski, presented the following EUC consent agenda items:<BR><BR>Approved of the salvage of transformers by T & R Services for a bid of $1,768.08;<BR><BR>Approve proceeding with equipment bonding as presented - EUC share of bonding is $398,300.00;<BR><BR>Approve purchase of a 2" compound water meter for the Sibley Apts. From DSG for $2,014 plus tax and freight;<BR><BR>Approve payment of R & W Enterprises Inv. 70 and 71 - $240.00;<BR><BR>Approve payment of RLK Inc. 3rd Avenue East Inv. #5 - $1,430.70;<BR><BR>Approve payment of RLK Inc. Harvey/Conan Alley Utilities Inv. #7 - $12,721.64;<BR><BR>Approve payment of Terry's Operational Services - July Inv. $678.70 ( Council approved prior contingent upon EUC approval);<BR><BR>Approve payment of Mountain Environment - July 15 Inv. $5,250.00;<BR><BR>Approve payment of Mountain Environmental - July 31st Inv. $6,250.00;<BR><BR>Approve payment of St. Louis County Inv. for June utilities Inv. #2345 - $4,510.83 ( previously approved by Council);<BR><BR>Approve prepaid bill list for July 2008 - $296,280.05;<BR><BR>Approve bills list for July 2008 - $281,577.25<BR><BR>Moved by Zupec supported by Debeltz, that above items be approved and ordered filed. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>INFORMATION<BR><BR>The Operations Director will have a draft dual fuel policy and rate for the August 27, 2008 meeting;<BR><BR>The Operations Director will review the existing policies concerning service installations and improvements and provide recommendations to EUC at the August 27, 2008 meeting;<BR><BR>The City Attorney provided information concerning the inspection of EUC meters. The Operations Director will use his comments to revise existing policies and draft new policies.<BR><BR>The Operations Director will budget for the purchase of three computers for the departments. If there is available budget in 2008, these computers will be bought this year. <BR><BR>City Operations Director Langowski was attending a meeting in Alexandria, Minnesota and not present at tonight's meeting.<BR><BR>The following claims for payment were brought before the Council for approval:<BR><BR>Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities - 2009 Dues Assessment - $5,108.00;<BR><BR>RLK Kuusisto Engineering:<BR><BR>Joint Public Works Facility Utilities - final pay estimate #4, Leustek and Sons - $14,332.44 * contingent upon EUC review and approval;<BR><BR>West Chapman, 1st Avenue East Improvements - final pay estimate #5 - Leustek and Sons - $7,322.15;<BR><BR>West Chapman, 1st Avenue East Improvements - Change Order No. #5 - $3,323.62 ( increase);<BR><BR>Semer's Park Project - Change Order #4 - $13,887.20;<BR><BR>Semer's Park Sewer Project - Final Payment Estimate No. #4 - Leustek and Sons Inc. - $18,890.96;<BR><BR>Professional services for June 2008 - Spaulding Phase 3 Platting - $1,072.50<BR><BR>St. Louis County - Lease agreement, Ely Joint Maintenance Facility - 2nd payment 2008 - $71,884.00 * due Nov. 1, 2008;<BR><BR>LMC - final audit - $2,773.00 <BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz supported by Nikkola, that above claims be approved and ordered filed. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Communication was received from Sandra Nyman, Chair of the Ely Cemetery Committee, inquiring as to the status of a Council representative on the Committee, as Council member Zupec has not attended any meetings since being appointed this year. Current Council member Zupec noted that he is unable to attend afternoon meetings, and he was going to inquire as to whether or not Council member Debeltz, would switch committees with him, in that he would sit in on the Ely Rehab/Storefront Renovation Committee, and Council member Debeltz could sit in for him on the cemetery committee. Council member Debeltz reported that he is also unavailable to attend afternoon meetings. Council member Omerza volunteered to fill in as a Council representative alternate to the Ely Cemetery Committee for the remainder of this year. Council members concurred with temporary appointment.<BR><BR>Moved by Omerza supported by Debeltz, that the Council waive the readings in their entirety, of all ordinances and resolutions on tonight's agenda. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Annexation was placed on tonight's meeting under Old Business, being referred to tonight's regular meeting from the Joint Meeting between the City of Ely and Town of Morse, which took place on August 6th. Council member Omerza reported that there were three council members absent from the Joint Meeting, which put those in attendance in an awkward position. She recommended that the next time the City of Ely calls for a Joint Meeting with another entity, that calendars are checked prior to scheduling a meeting time and date. She reported that the Town of Morse is looking for two things from the City; 1. 940 acres to be annexed at once and 2. some type of financial compensation from the City for approving this annexation as discussed at past joint meetings. Council member Debeltz noted that he agrees with Council member Omerza, in that if the Town of Morse is wanting a share of revenue, the City as a good neighbor should work something out. If the annexation is not a friendly annexation, it will cost the City of Ely and Town of Morse many dollars in legal fees. Council member Nikkola commented that next year's State legislation should be interesting. He further stated that it would be foolish for the City of Ely to put infrastructure on land and just give the Town of Morse monies; he feels that Town of Morse should put monies in; that the Ely City Council should be representing the City of Ely, not subsidizing the Town of Morse.<BR><BR>Council member Omerza stated that she does not want to rely on legislation to help out on annexation talks. Council member Lindroos recommended the City entertain an eight year obligation; if more participation from the Town of Morse, the City would then consider other options, but that the City needs to go after the land at this time. Council member Zupec agreed with Council members Lindroos and Nikkola - if the City starts giving away the store, this will not help the local citizens. There is a two way street in being a good neighbor and this Council must look long range for future Councils.<BR><BR>Council member Sheddy suggested doing away with the 1973 annexation agreement, annexing the land that is owned by the City of Ely, with no compensation going to anyone. Mayor Novak commented that the City would not have to do away with the 1973 annexation agreement; that the Council has entertained discussions with the Town of Morse and should not back away at this time, with Mayor recommending the following:<BR><BR>City proceed to annex 940 acres immediately;<BR><BR>City annex all other city property maintaining continuous city border.<BR><BR>City annex properties of which the property owner petitions;<BR><BR>Complete annexation with the USFS / Center;<BR><BR>City agree with property tax sharing for eight years, beginning year to be determined.<BR><BR>By offering above to the Town of Morse on the table, this will allow them to modify and bring back to the Council. Council member Nikkola suggested filling in the blanks for percentages; Mayor Novak stated that the City could decrease equivalent value yearly, per current statute. Moved by Zupec supported by Lindroos, that the Clerk-Treasurer be directed to draft up such a document and send out to the Town of Morse for their review.<BR><BR>Carried unanimously. Council member Omerza recommended that the City schedule another meeting with Town of Morse in an actual cover letter sent with proposal, with meeting to take place as soon as possible. Council members concurred with recommendation.<BR><BR>The EADA Executive Director Job Description was placed on tonight's agenda per Council directive from the August 5th regular meeting; Moved by Omerza supported by Debeltz, that the City of Ely accept the job description for EADA Executive Director as presented.<BR><BR>YES: Council members Debeltz, Omerza (2)<BR><BR>NO: Council members Lindroos, Nikkola, Sheddy, Zupec, Mayor Novak (5)<BR><BR>ABSENT: None (0)<BR><BR>Motion lost.<BR><BR>Council member Nikkola noted that the position is an employee of the Community Joint Powers Board, not the EADA. Council member Zupec stated that the Council should not be delving into this matter; the EADA is not a governmental entity and should not control this position. The job description can be a recommendation but the Council cannot tell the Community Joint Powers Board what to do. Council member Lindroos stated that there was no sense in the Council voting on this matter if the Council cannot directly supervise the position. Council member Sheddy commented that the job description is a good one and should be placed directly under the Joint Powers Board. The Executive Director of Economic Development should report to the Joint Powers Board and serve as a director of the EADA. Mayor Novak referenced the newly created position of City Operations Director of Public Works and Utilities, where the Council found a way to work with the EUC in saving the city tax payers monies. The Town of Morse has already taken a stand that they want the Community Joint Powers to handle the hiring of the Executive Director position, and he is recommending that the Ely City Council take position with the Town of Morse. Council member Nikkola stated that the position should report directly to the Community Joint Powers Board, working for that agency. Council member Sheddy commented that the EEDA has now been activated, and it would be nice to have the additional help to this group; suggested current clerical staff could be assisting the EEDA if funding is available. Council member Omerza noted that the discussion of this specific job description should be at the EADA / Community Joint Powers Meeting; not taking place at tonight's Council meeting.<BR><BR>Mayor stated that he will not vote for this job description. EADA Officer Bill Roloff requested to appear before the Council noting that the current By Laws of the EADA regulate the hiring of an Executive Director; the only reason this matter is on tonight's agenda is that the Mayor had wanted Council members to review the proposed job description. Council member Nikkola cautioned Council members that the Town of Morse is balking at this current hiring process, wanting input through the Community Joint Powers Board; that the EADA does not hire or fire as they are not a funding agency. Bill Roloff informed Council members that this job description was written three years ago when former Executive Director Pat Henderson was hired. The EADA is concerned that they will lose $100,000 in funding now if they do not proceed with the job description. Mayor Novak stated that the EADA can apply for extensions; the grants out there are not tied to any particular position. Mayor Novak recommended that the proposed job description be approved as such; that the immediate supervisory and report ability be changed to reflect the Community Economic Joint Powers Board, as this will assist the City's positive move forward with the Executive Director Job Description as soon as possible. This matter will then be further discussed at the August 27th Community Economic Joint Powers Board Meeting. Moved by Nikkola supported by Lindroos, that the proposed job description for Executive Director be approved reflecting the following change; that the immediate supervisory and report ability be that of the Community Economic Joint Powers Board. <BR><BR>YES: Council members Lindroos, Nikkola, Sheddy, Mayor Novak (4)<BR><BR>NO: Council members Debeltz, Omerza, Zupec (3)<BR><BR>ABSENT: None (0)<BR><BR>Motion carried.<BR><BR>Bill Roloff further commented that the reason everything was separated was that the EADA would start their own separate organization - economic development to the Joint Powers Board. The Joint Powers Board was set up to purchase economic development for the townships. Council member Nikkola recommended that the City Attorney be directed to research this matter and report back to the Council with his findings. Council members concurred with recommendation. Council member Omerza expressed her concern that action taken tonight was a bad signal to the 30 volunteers of the EADA, with Council member Zupec stating that the discussion not take place here at tonight's meeting.<BR><BR>City Commercial Land Sales Procedure was placed on tonight's agenda, with Council members being provided a combined copy of original procedure which was approved by the EEDA and Council, along with Council member Sheddy's recommendations/suggestions that were also approved by both bodies prior. It was noted that the procedure originally came from Council comment and copulation, many stemming from issues that came out of the JMW project. Council member Nikkola noted that this procedure is a living document and can be changed at any time.<BR><BR>Council member Omerza questioned why this procedure was noted as a standing agenda item, with Mayor Novak noting that it had been referred to be placed there from previous action by EEDA and Council. Moved by Sheddy supported by Nikkola, that the City of Ely accept the City Commercial Land Sales Procedure dated August 19, 2008.<BR><BR>YES: Council members Lindroos, Nikkola, Sheddy, Mayor Novak (4)<BR><BR>NO: Council members Debeltz, Omerza, Zupec (3)<BR><BR>ABSENT: None (0)<BR><BR>Motion carried. <BR><BR>City Council Goals and Objectives was placed on tonight's agenda. Council member Nikkola questioned item #7 ( Chapman Street Redevelopment Committee) as to what is happening with this group. Council member Zupec informed Council that this group will be meeting again in September due to so many conflicts during the summer.<BR><BR>Mayor Novak informed Council members that the ad taken out by the City in the Blues Festival Brochure advertising the sale of city property, will also be going on the City Web Site. Also, referencing item #9 in City Council Goals and Objectives, the City is continuing to pursue filling seasonal employees at the Department of Revenue during the busy tax season. Matter of information.<BR><BR>Council member Debeltz offered the following resolution: 2008 - 31<BR><BR>A Resolution In Support Of The Proposed Federal Land Sale To Polymet Mining<BR><BR>WHEREAS: Polymet Mining Corp. proposes to operate a copper/nickel mine within the City of Babbitt and a processing facility at Hoyt Lakes, and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The proposed mining and processing operation will create about 400 direct and over 1000 spin off jobs in northeast Minnesota and will provide tax revenues to the Local, State and Federal Governments, and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: PolyMet has proposed to purchase approximately 6700 acres of land from the U.S. Forest Service for the mining operations as a part of the project development, and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: The money received from the land sale would allow the U.S. Forest Service to obtain land parcels including wetlands that are contiguous to current Forest areas and more consistent with the Forest Service Long Range Plans.<BR><BR>NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the City of Ely go on record in support of the proposed land exchange, with the Mayor and City Clerk-Treasurer authorized to sign this resolution of support for the PolyMet Mining Project.<BR><BR>Motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was made by Council member Debeltz, seconded by Council member Zupec, and declared carried on the following vote:<BR><BR>YES: Council members Debeltz, Lindroos, Nikkola, Omerza, Sheddy, Zupec, Mayor Novak (7)<BR><BR>NO: None (0)<BR><BR>ABSENT: None (0)<BR><BR>Adopted this 19th day of August 2008.<BR><BR>Council member Nikkola offered the following resolution: 2008-32<BR><BR>Resolution Determining The Necessity To Issue Not To Exceed $740,000 General Obligation Equipment Certificates Of Indebtedness, Series 2008A<BR><BR>WHEREAS: Minnesota Statutes, Section 412.301, authorizes the council to issue equipment Certificates of Indebtedness within existing debt limits for the purpose of purchasing a fire truck; and<BR><BR>WHEREAS: said statute also provides that if the amount of the equipment Certificates of Indebtedness to be issued to finance such equipment exceeds 0.25% of the market value of taxable property in the City ($443,826.50), the equipment Certificates of Indebtedness shall not be issued for at least ten days after publication in the official newspaper of a council resolution determining to issue them; and if before the end of that time, a petition asking for an election on the proposition signed by voters equal to ten percent of the number of voters at the last regular municipal election is filed with the Deputy Clerk, the equipment Certificates of Indebtedness for said purposes in an amount which exceeds 0.25% of the market value of taxable property in the City; and<BR><BR>NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: By the City Council of the City of Ely, Minnesota, as follows:<BR><BR>That it is necessary and expedient for the City Council to issue General Obligation Equipment Certificates of Indebtedness, Series 2008A, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 412.301, in an amount of not to exceed $740,000 for the purpose of financing the acquisition of capital equipment ( the "Certificates of Indebtedness).<BR><BR>The amount of the Certificates of Indebtedness is hereby determined and declared to be in excess of 0.25% of the market value of taxable property in the City.<BR><BR>The Deputy Clerk is authorized and directed to publish this resolution in the official newspaper of the City.<BR><BR>At least ten days shall elapse after publication in the official newspaper of the City of this resolution before the Certificates of Indebtedness may be issued.<BR><BR>Motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was made by Council member Nikkola, seconded by Council member Zupec, and declared carried on the following vote:<BR><BR>YES: Council members Debeltz, Lindroos, Nikkola, Omerza, Sheddy, Zupec, Mayor Novak (7)<BR><BR>NO: None (0)<BR><BR>ABSENT: None (0)<BR><BR>Adopted this 19th day of August 2008.<BR><BR>Mayor Novak noted that the annual payment on Certificates of Indebtedness will be the same as what is being budgeted in annual city budgets for equipment. Council member Debeltz also noted that part of the costs will come from the EUC budget, towards purchase of their equipment.<BR><BR>Council member Sheddy requested placement on tonight's agenda regarding "Christmas" as Whiteside Park. With the Ely Winter Festival taking place at the park, he would like to recommend that the City of Ely ( Mayor ) send a letter to the USFS, requesting their donation of a large tree to be set up in the park during the holiday season. The public works and EUC could erect and decorate; that the City could request donations for the lights and ornaments in the form of "memorials". Moved by Sheddy supported by Nikkola, that recommendation be approved. Carried unanimously. Council member Sheddy also reminded Council members and City Employees, that the City Employee Christmas Party will be held on Friday, December 5th, and to mark their calendars. <BR><BR>Moved by Omerza supported by Debeltz, that the meeting adjourn. Council member Omerza withdrew her motion, Council member Debeltz withdrew his support.<BR><BR>Clerk-Treasurer Boese questioned the Council as to what action the Council was going to take to address the On Sale Liquor License currently being held by the Ely Bowling Center, which is up for renewal on September 1st. Moved by Omerza supported by Debeltz, that the City of Ely go on record approving the holding this specific On Sale Liquor License. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Moved by Omerza supported by Debeltz, that the meeting adjourn. Carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Adjournment at 7:50 P.M.<BR><BR>Patricia M. Wellvang<BR><BR>Deputy Clerk<BR><BR>City of Ely<BR><BR>Ely Echo 8/30/2008<BR><BR>