Ely School Board meeting April 13, 2009

School Board Meeting Minutes April 13, 2009<BR><BR>The regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 696 was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Marsnik. On roll call the following directors were present: Erzar, Kellerman, Marsnik, Pengal, Richter, York-Jesme. Absent: none. Also present: Superintendent Langan; Principal Murphy; Tom Coombe, Ely Echo; Adam Masloski, Ely Timberjay.<BR><BR>4.0 Moved by Erzar, seconded by Richter, to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried.<BR><BR>5.0 There were no requests to speak during the Open Forum session.<BR><BR>6.0 Approval of Past Meeting Minutes:<BR><BR>6.1 Moved by Erzar, seconded by Kellerman, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of March 9, 2009. Motion carried. <BR><BR>7.0 The following correspondence/informational items were presented: <BR><BR>7.1 No Student Council Representative was present<BR><BR>7.2 Elementary Reading Series Exploration Committee - Not Present.<BR><BR>8.0 Old Business: None.<BR><BR>9.0 New Business: None.<BR><BR>10.0 Consent Agenda:<BR><BR>10.1 Moved by Kellerman, seconded by York-Jesme, to approve the following <BR><BR>Program Consent Agenda:<BR><BR>Bills due and payable amounting to $272,680.69 including check numbers 42428 through 42542.<BR><BR>March 2009 financial reports as presented: Total monthly receipts: $701,885.25; total monthly payroll: $203,927.23; total fringe benefits: $ 183,514.11; invoices: $178,087.12; total monthly expenditures: $565,528.46; total revenue over expenditures: $136,356.79.<BR><BR>Approved the following gifts and donations: 1. $1,038.18 from Target's Take Charge of Education Program for the Washington Elementary School at the school's discretion; 2. $1,202.78 from Target's Take Charge of Education Program for the Memorial High School at the school's discretion; 3. Book titled Someone Walks By, the Wonder of Winter Wild Life donated by author Polly Carlson, Voiles for the Washington Library; 4. $250.00 from the Kiwanis Club of Ely to be used for the Physic's class trip to Valley Fair; 5. Five heavy duty banquet tables donated by the Ely Hoop Club to be used as admission tables for games, selling raffle tickets, etc., at the entrance of the Memorial Gym; 6. $690.69 from the Ely Band Boosters to pay for transportation for the band to go to International Falls to practice.<BR><BR>Approved Concurrent Enrollment Agreement for 2009-2010 Academic Year with Vermilion Community College<BR><BR>Approved expenditure budget draft for 09-10 received at the March 9, 2009, regular meeting.<BR><BR>Received draft copy of July 1, 2008 Actuarial Valuation of Post-Employment Benefits Under GASB Statement No. 45 from Van Iwaarden (OPEB report). A special Board meeting will be scheduled for a consultant to interpret the document. <BR><BR>Approved request to seek bids for bread, milk, propane, liability and worker's compensation insurance.<BR><BR>Approved the development of a finance policy series. Supt. Langan will have a draft for Board review at the May meeting and for Board action at the June meeting. <BR><BR>Motion carried.<BR><BR>Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Erzar, to approve the following Personnel Consent Agenda:<BR><BR>10.2.1 Approved Andrea Strom as volunteer assistant girls' track coach for the 2008-2009 season contingent upon having on file a satisfactory criminal background check with the ISD #696 district office. <BR><BR>10.2.2 Approved Trish Bulinski as volunteer assistant girls' track coach for the 2008-2009 season contingent upon having on file a satisfactory criminal background check with the ISD #696 district office.<BR><BR>10.2.3 Approved Larry Mischke as volunteer assistant for the high school track program for the 2008-2009 season contingent upon having on file a satisfactory criminal background check with the ISD #696 district office.<BR><BR>Motion carried.<BR><BR>Policy Consent Agenda: None.<BR><BR>11.0 Administrative Reports:<BR><BR>11.1 Superintendent:<BR><BR>11.1.1 Superintendent's assessment form was passed out to the Board to be turned in to Penny in the General Office by April 30th to be summarized and then presented at the May Board meeting. This should also be distributed to all staff and faculty as well.<BR><BR>11.1.2 A used van has been purchased.<BR><BR>11.1.3 IRR $600,000 school bond grant closing documents have been completed. <BR><BR>11.1.4 Online learning update - Legislation is going through as planned with exception of some charter school language.<BR><BR>11.1.5 AFSCME grievance update - there may be a conclusion to the contract health insurance language grievance without going to arbitration.<BR><BR>11.1.6 Retirement incentive for staff update - there are 8 interested faculty. Faculty need to notify administration if they are interested by April 24, 2009. The results be presented at the May Board meeting.<BR><BR>11.1.7 Ely Public Schools Personnel Evaluation Process - Approved by Board October 2006 but not fully implemented- Supt. Langan will review the documents and make recommendations to the Board as to how to proceed.<BR><BR>11.1.8 Reduction Proposals for 09-10 - There will no reductions to continuing contract staff but may apply to probationary and non-licensed staff.<BR><BR>11.1.9 Moved by Erzar, seconded by York-Jesme, to have Supt. Langan compose contract language for design services for school facilities with Architectural Resources, Inc. Motion carried. Cost will not exceed $25,000 and will come out of the $94,000 facilities grant.<BR><BR>11.1.10 Quotes were received for the repair of the Zamboni room roof from Range Cornice-$12,819 and from Nelson Roofing-$9,850 and for the repair of the Memorial Media Center roof from Range Cornice-$10,708.00 (flashing and repair) and from Nelson Roofing-$6,749.00 (flashing and repair). The quotes from Nelson Roofing were accepted. Range Cornice also submitted a quote for a whole new roof - $23,840.00.<BR><BR>11.1.11 JFK Bldg. agreement with City of Ely - Supt. Langan has had conversation with Mayor Roger Skraba and said it is likely that the agreement will be renewed for 2009-2010.<BR><BR>11.2 Principal:<BR><BR>11.2.1 Athletic Director, Tim Omerza, presented the Ely Memorial High School Activities Winter 2008-2009 Summary.<BR><BR>11.2.2 Principal Murphy presented Curriculum Review - 2009-2015 Materials Plan submitted by the high school English department.<BR><BR>11.3 Board Committee Reports:<BR><BR>11.3.1 Negotiations Committee - Pengal and York-Jesme reported that negotiations are optimistic and going well with the Ely Education Association. Two negotiations session were held; April 3rd and April 8th with the next session scheduled for Thursday, April 23rd at 3:30 p.m.<BR><BR>12.0 Moved by York-Jesme, seconded by Richter, to go into a closed session to discuss negotiations strategy. Motion carried.<BR><BR>13.0 Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.<BR><BR>Scott C. Kellerman, Clerk<BR><BR>Ely Echo 5/16/2009