Ely School Board Meeting Minutes from October 12, 2009

School Board Meeting Minutes<BR><BR>October 12, 2009<BR><BR>The regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 696 was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Marsnik. On roll call the following directors were present: Erzar, Kellerman, Marsnik, Pengal, Richter. Absent: York-Jesme. Also present: High School Principal/Director of Operations, Dr. Kimberly Belcastro; Superintendent Dr. Donald Langan; Elementary Principal Joselyn Murphy; Tom Coombe, Ely Echo; Adam Masloski, Ely Timberjay. <BR><BR>4.0 Moved by Erzar, seconded by Richter, to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried.<BR><BR>5.0 Open Forum: There were no requests to speak.<BR><BR>6.0 Approval of Past Meeting Minutes:<BR><BR>6.1 Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Erzar, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of September 14, 2009. Motion carried. <BR><BR>7.0 The following correspondence/informational items were presented: <BR><BR> 7.1 Doug Hildenbrand, Architectural Resources, presented a PowerPoint presentation of "Space Programming for Proposed Pre-K 12 School". The Board agreed that any plan would need to happen in segments over years.<BR><BR> 7.2 Ray Marsnik, Board representative on the Community Education Advisory Committee. Ray will get his questions answered at the October 27th Community Education Advisory Committee meeting.<BR><BR>8.0 Old Business: None.<BR><BR>9.0 New Business: Only on consent agenda.<BR><BR>10.0 Consent Agenda:<BR><BR>10.1 Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Erzar, to approve the following <BR><BR>Program Consent Agenda:<BR><BR>10.1.1 Bills due and payable amounting to $325,491.37 including check numbers 43163 through 43320.<BR><BR>10.1.2 September 2009 financial reports as presented: Total monthly receipts: $568,194.66; total monthly payroll: $181,230.13; total fringe benefits: $ 302,105.20; invoices: $101,119.93; total monthly expenditures: $584,455.26; total revenue over expenditures: ($16,260.60).<BR><BR>10.1.3 Approved the following gifts and donations: 1. $10,192.89 from the Ely Education Foundation for Wish List purchases; 2. Use of office trailer from Aaran Leustek in c/o Ely Hoop Club to be used during the football season.<BR><BR>10.1.4 Approved transfer from balance sheet account 411 (discontinued in UFARS) to balance sheet account 418 (designated for separation/retirement) in the amount of $483,522.95 in FY 2009.<BR><BR>10.1.5 Approved annual senior trip to Washington DC March 25 to March 29, 2010.<BR><BR>10.1.6 Approved assurance of Compliance with State and Federal Law Prohibiting Discrimination.<BR><BR>10.1.7 Adopted Services Resolution for Governmental Entities - U.S. Bank National Association.<BR><BR>Motion carried.<BR><BR>10.2 Moved by Erzar, seconded by Richter, to approve the following Personnel Consent Agenda:<BR><BR>10.2.1 Hired Justin Blackwood for the Assistant Girls' Basketball Coach position for the 2009-2010 school year under terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement between ISD #696 and the Ely Education Association and School Board policy.<BR><BR>10.2.2 Hired Steve Smrekar for the Head Softball Coach position for the 2009-2010 school year under terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement between ISD #696 and the Ely Education Association and School Board policy.<BR><BR>10.2.3 This item was pulled from the Personnel Consent Agenda for a separate vote: Moved by Erzar, seconded by Pengal, to approve the Custodian job descriptions as amended (add Evaluation: Performance of this position will be evaluated annually in accordance with provision of the board of education's policy on evaluation of non-professional personnel. Also, Immediate Supervisor: High School Principal/Director of Operations. Motion carried.<BR><BR>10.2.4 Hired Kristy Johnson for the Cafeteria Aide position beginning October 14, 2009, (2 &#190; hrs. per day, $12.75/hr.).<BR><BR>10.2.5 Accepted the resignation due to retirement of Laurie Young from her position as Computer Technician effective October 30, 2009.<BR><BR>10.2.6 Approved salary of Laurie Kess, Secondary Guidance Counselor/Assistant Principal for 2009-2010 ($71,400.00).<BR><BR>10.2.7 Granted maternity leave (30 days paid), Amanda Solum (beginning approximately December 20, 2009); child care leave through April 6, 2010, in accord with the collective bargaining agreement between ISD #696 and the Ely Education Association.<BR><BR>10.2.8 Accepted the resignation of Donna Meier from her position of Special Education Paraprofessional effective October 13, 2009.<BR><BR>Motion carried.<BR><BR> 10.3 Moved by Richter, seconded by Erzar, to approve the following Policy Consent Agenda:<BR><BR>10.3.1 Direct superintendent to develop an At Will Employee policy for ISD #696. This will be presented to the Board at the November meeting in draft form.<BR><BR>10.3.2 ISD #696 Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy; Code 012-District Wide update was presented for review. This will be on the November meeting agenda for Board action.<BR><BR>11.0 Administrative Reports:<BR><BR>11.1 Superintendent:<BR><BR>11.1.1 Update on AFSCME Local No. 295 Health Insurance Grievance Arbitration: AFSCME is willing to accept the District's offer for settlement regarding the family health insurance grievance. AFSCME will withdraw the grievance. The District should then pay the members who have family health insurance the amount that we have discussed previously (approximately $422 or to equal the full $12,184). This does not mean that AFSMCE Local 295 agrees with the District's interpretation of the cap but feels that the issue can be addressed during contract negotiations. <BR><BR>11.1.2 Food Service Fund balance: will be a deficit in fund for FY 09 audit; auditors suggested not making a transfer until spring of 2010 because district is expecting a positive Food Service Fund balance for FY 10 and funds cannot be transferred from Food Service Fund to General Fund.<BR><BR>11.1.3 2009-2010 DARE program funding: There are no funds available for the DARE program for 09-10. Chairman Marsnik will ask the Community Education Advisory Committee (meeting October 27th) if Community Education money could be used toward the DARE program.<BR><BR>11.1.4 Q-Comp plan status report: A letter of intent has been sent in to the MN Department of Education.<BR><BR>11.1.5 Bus garage addition quotation: Morton Buildings, Inc., $80,083.00 to add to the north end of the existing Morton Building (by baseball field). Will not build now but if funds become available Morton can be here at anytime including winter.<BR><BR>Superintendent Langan announced that flowers would be sent by the Ely<BR><BR>School Board and the Memorial High School football team to the<BR><BR>family of Emerald "Emmy" Foss, the student who passed away as a result<BR><BR>of the bus/car accident that happened on Friday, October 9, 2009, in Coleraine.<BR><BR>11.1.6 Connect-Ed status report: An example of what Connect-Ed (parent notification system) can do was presented.<BR><BR>11.2 Principal:<BR><BR>11.2.1 Elementary Principal, Joselyn Murphy, discussed implementation of an all day everyday Kindergarten for 2010-11: additional staff (1.4 FTE), classroom equipment, classroom space, and instructional resources will be needed.<BR><BR>Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Pengal, to approve teachers, staff and administration to explore options for an all day/everyday kindergarten. Motion carried.<BR><BR>11.2.2 H.S. Principal/Director of Operations, Kimberly Belcastro presented the home school numbers for 09-10, 44 students ages from 7-17.<BR><BR> Chairman Marsnik requested a high school schedule and the numbers of students in each class for the November meeting.<BR><BR>11.3 Board Committee Reports: <BR><BR>11.3.1 Facilities Committee (full Board): Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 24, 2009, at 3-5 p.m. facilities walk thru, 5-7 p.m. General Discussion. <BR><BR>12.0 Moved by Kellerman, seconded by Richter, to go into a closed session to discuss negotiations strategy regarding the Ely Education Association immediately following adjournment. Motion carried.<BR><BR> 13.0 Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. Motion carried.<BR><BR> Scott C. Kellerman, Clerk<BR><BR>Ely Echo 11/14/2009<BR><BR>