Joint School Board Meeting with ISD #2142

Minutes of the Joint School Board <BR><BR>Meeting with ISD #2142<BR><BR>February 3, 2010<BR><BR>1.0 Call to Order:<BR><BR>1.1 The joint meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 696 and ISD #2142 was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chairman Bob Larson, ISD #2142<BR><BR>1.2 The joint meeting of the School Board of Independent School District ISD #696 and ISD #2142 was called to order by Chairman Ray Marsnik, ISD #696. <BR><BR>2.0 Roll Call:<BR><BR>2.1 ISD #696: Present: Erzar, Marsnik, Pengal, Richter. Absent: Kellerman, Jesme. Also present was Superintendent Dr. Donald Langan and H.S. Principal/Director of Operations, Kim Belcastro <BR><BR>2.2 ISD #2142: Present: Robert Larson (Board Chair)-Albrook, Tom Beaudry (Board Vice Chair)-Cook, Darrell Bjerklie (Board Treasurer)-Cherry School; Gary Rantala (Board Clerk)-Babbitt/Embarrass, Zelda Bruns-Orr School; Andrew Larson-Tower/Soudan; Chet Larson-Cotton School. Also present was Superintendent Dr. Charles Rick and Principal Gary Friedlieb (Babbitt-Embarrass)<BR><BR>3.0 ISD #696: Moved by Pengal, seconded by Richter, to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried.<BR><BR> ISD #2142: Moved by Rantala, seconded by Beaudry, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.<BR><BR>4.0 Topics for Discussion:<BR><BR>4.1 Potential for sharing extra and co-curricular programs - Tower-Soudan, Babbitt-Embarrass, Ely: Chair Marsnik suggested looking into sharing football programs in the future as enrollment drops and Ely becomes eligible to participate in 9 man football. Both boards agreed there would be issues to work out with scheduling, locations of practices, and transportation. Robert Larson suggested looking into sharing band programs. Gary Rantala, suggested sharing Knowledge Bowl since Ely no longer has a program. Dr. Langan stated he would put some scenarios together in writing with costs attached for a shared football program within a month. Dr. Rick suggested that sharing transportation to activities to cut costs may be something worth pursuing. Bjerklie suggested each board make a list of the activities they offer. Dr. Rick suggested putting together co-curricular and extra-curricular scenarios to present to each board. Marsnik would like the two boards to continue to work on this and keep communications open between boards. He suggested the possibility of taking a poll amongst students to find out what activities students would be interested in sharing.<BR><BR>4.2 Potential for sharing faculty and staff - Tower-Soudan, Babbitt-Embarrass, Ely: The possibility of sharing foreign language classes; ISD #2142 uses ITV to share between their schools. They are making dramatic changes to their secondary schedule (combination of block and regular scheduling) for 2010-11. Belcastro stated Ely would need to be involved early in the scheduling process to be able to share staff and programs. Friedlieb commented that Babbitt will be having a whole afternoon of Industrial Arts classes with the new class schedule. Richter brought up the issue of transportation if students participate; would district be transporting or would students be doing their own driving? Bruns suggest the two superintendents get together and come up with ideas on how sharing staff will work between the districts. Dr. Rick suggested sharing staff in the special education area. Belcastro suggested looking into alternative learning classes as an option. <BR><BR>4.3 Potential for mutual development of vocational-technical programs (Applied Learning Initiative) - Tower-Soudan, Babbitt-Embarrass, Ely: ISD #2142 is in their third year of participating in the ALI program. The program is tied into the area colleges (Mesabi Range, Vermilion, Rainy Lake are some). There was discussion regarding the impact on enrollment with the new mines opening in the area: ISD #2142 had a study done and results show that increase in enrollment figures are predicted to be very low for them because they would be hiring people that already live here have been unemployed or underemployed. After a while there could be an increase after all those people are hired and more employees are needed. Dr. Rick stated that districts best work with enrollment numbers that we currently have. Both districts agreed that they need to work together to make the best educational opportunities possible for the students.<BR><BR>5.0 Establish future meeting dates as deemed appropriate: Dr. Langan and Dr. Rick will meet and come up with scenarios for sharing extra and co-curricular programs, faculty and staff, and mutual development of vocational-technical programs (Applied Learning Initiative) within about six weeks and will bring them back to their boards. <BR><BR>Meeting adjourned at 8:16 p.m. <BR><BR>Scott C. Kellerman, Clerk<BR><BR>Ely Echo 2/13/2010<BR><BR>