NOTICE OF VACANCIES<BR><BR>COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT <BR><BR>(CDBG) ADVISORY COMMITTEE<BR><BR>FIVE VACANCIES: One representative for Northern Townships, one representative for Hibbing, one At-Large representative, one representative for Small Cities and one representative for Eveleth.<BR><BR>The St. Louis County Board of Commissioners will be making five appointments to the St. Louis County CDBG Advisory Board for three-year terms expiring April 30, 2013. Persons interested in being considered for these appointments should submit an application to: Patricia Stolee, Clerk of County Board, 100 North 5th Avenue West, Room 214, Courthouse, Duluth, MN, 55802. Applications must be received no later than July 1, 2010 and are available at the County Auditor's Offices in the Duluth Courthouse and the Northland Building in Virginia, and the Commissioner's Offices in the Virginia Courthouse, Hibbing Courthouse and Ely Government Services Center. (Applications are also available on-line at: Go to the County Auditor website home page and a link to the application in pdf format is located at the top of the page.)<BR><BR>TERM: Three-year term expiring April 30, 2013<BR><BR>QUALIFICATIONS: Resident of the city, township or area where the vacancies are located in St. Louis County with an interest in community planning and development with emphasis on programming to benefit low and moderate income residents.<BR><BR>FUNCTION: Advises the County Board on funding activities with federal CDBG funds. St. Louis County receives more than $3 million annually in federal CDBG funds. These funds may be used for housing, public infrastructure improvements, economic development and public services.<BR><BR>DESIRED AREA OF RESIDENCE: Five vacancies: One (1) from the City of Hibbing, one (1) from northern St. Louis County townships, one (1) from small cities, one (1) at-large and one (1) from the City of Eveleth.<BR><BR>BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS<BR><BR>ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MINNESOTA<BR><BR>DONALD DICKLICH, COUNTY AUDITOR<BR><BR>BY: Patricia Stolee, Deputy Auditor/Clerk of County Board