ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS<BR><BR>Sealed Bids for: Sidewalk Replacement <BR><BR> Vermilion Community College <BR><BR> Ely, Minnesota <BR><BR>will be received by: Dave Marshall <BR><BR> Vermilion Community College <BR><BR> Ely, M N 55731<BR><BR>Until 2:00 PM, Iocal time, September 16, 2010, at which time the bids will be opened and publicly read aloud.<BR><BR>Project Scope: Exterior cast-in-place concrete sidewalk replacement to include two cast-in-place concrete stairs.<BR><BR>A Non-Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting will be held at 9:00 AM, Thursday, September 9, 2010, in the Lower Conference Room. The Architect/Engineer and/or College/University Representatives will review the bidding procedures, Bidding Documents and other conditions with interested Bidders and answer questions.<BR><BR>Bidding Documents are as prepared by the Project Architect/Engineer; Architectural Resources, Inc.:<BR><BR>Interested parties may view the Bidding Documents at no cost on the website: and click on "Announcements", then click on "Advertisement for Bids (E-Plan Room)". Bidding Documents can be downloaded for a non-refundable charge of $10.00. Planholders are parties that have downloaded the plans and specifications. Planholders will be notified via email as addenda are issued. Parties that download the plans and specifications and need to have them printed elsewhere are solely responsible for those printing costs. The sales of paper copies for projects listed on this site are not available. Contact at 952-233-1632 or for assistance in viewing or downloading with this digital project information. Ely Echo 9/4/2010