ISD 696 Election notice

<BR><BR>NOTICE OF GENERAL ELECTION<BR><BR>INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 696<BR><BR>ELY PUBLIC SCHOOLS<BR><BR>STATE OF MINNESOTA<BR><BR> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the general election has been called and will be held in and for Independent School District No. 696, (Ely), State of Minnesota, on Tuesday, the 2nd day of November 2010, for the purpose of electing (three) school board members for four year terms. <BR><BR>The ballot shall provide as follows:<BR><BR>INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS<BR><BR>To vote, completely fill in the ovals(s) next to your choice(s) like this: <BR><BR>SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER<BR><BR>VOTE FOR UP TO THREE <BR><BR> RAY MARSNIK<BR><BR> AMY M. RICHTER<BR><BR> BILL SKRADSKI<BR><BR> _____________<BR><BR> write-in, if any<BR><BR> _____________<BR><BR> write-in, if any<BR><BR> _____________<BR><BR> write-in, if any<BR><BR> City of Ely - Precinct 1 - Ely Public Schools - ISD #696, 600 E. Harvey St., Ely, MN (JFK Cafeteria, 4th Avenue and Harvey St.)<BR><BR> City of Winton - Precinct 1 - Winton Community Church, 315 Main St., Winton, MN<BR><BR> Town of Morse - Precinct 1 - Morse Town Hall, 911 S. Central Ave., Ely, MN<BR><BR> Unorganized Township 64, Range 12 & 13<BR><BR>Morse Town Hall, 911 S. Central Ave., Ely, MN <BR><BR> Unorganized Township 61, Range 12 & 13 (North One-Half) - Precinct 9. Mail ballot from St. Louis County Auditor's Office, Duluth<BR><BR> Any eligible voter residing in the school district may vote at said election at the polling place designated above for the precinct in which he or she resides. The polls for said election will open at 7 o'clock a.m. and will close at 8:00 o'clock p.m. on the date of said election.<BR><BR> A voter must be registered to vote to be eligible to vote in this election. An unregistered individual may register to vote at the polling place on election day.<BR><BR>Dated: _August 9, 2010 <BR><BR>BY ORDER OF THE SCHOOL BOARD<BR><BR> _/s/ Scott C. Kellerman______________<BR><BR> Scott C. Kellerman, School District Clerk<BR><BR> Ely Echo 10/16, 23 & 30, 2010