NOTICE: USDA-FOREST SERVICE, <BR><BR>SUPERIOR NATIONAL FOREST, KAWISHIWI RANGER DISTRICT, SAINT LOUIS COUNTY, MINNESOTA; SERPENTINE MINERALS <BR><BR>EXPLORATION PROJECT, <BR><BR>ENCAMPMENT MINERALS, INC.<BR><BR>The Superior National Forest (SNF) has received a mineral exploration proposal from Encampment Minerals, Inc. (Encampment) for their Serpentine Mineral Exploration project on National Forest System land approximately 5 miles east of Babbitt, Minnesota. A scoping package for this project has been prepared and is available upon request at the SNF Supervisor's Office, Duluth, MN. It is also available on the SNF website in the Projects & Plans section: Encampment proposes to exercise their private reserved mineral rights by accessing and drilling 4 exploration core holes. An area of approximately 50 feet by 50 feet would be utilized at each drill site that would disturb approximately 0.23 acres. Approximately 0.22 miles of associated new temporary road would also be needed for access. The SNF is responsible for ensuring the operating plan is conducted in an environmentally sound manner, consistent with Forest Plan direction and with the terms of the Secretary's Rules and Regulations of 1911 as recorded in the deed under which the mineral rights were reserved. Please submit your input and feedback by November 26, 2010 to Eric Wirz, 8901 Grand Avenue Place, Duluth MN, 55808, email Re: Encampment Minerals Exploration Serpentine project, telephone number (218) 626-4359 and FAX: (218) 626-4398. Additional information regarding the Serpentine exploration project can be obtained from Eric Wirz, team leader. The USDA Forest Service is an Equal Opportunity Organization. Ely Echo 10/30/2010