CITY OF ELY MINUTES<BR><BR>April 5, 2011<BR><BR>The Ely City Council Regular Meeting was called to order by Mayor Skraba at 6:00 p.m. on April 5, 2011 at the Ely City Hall.<BR><BR>PRESENT: Council members Debeltz, Nikkola, Omerza, Salerno, Sheddy, Zupec and Mayor Skraba (7)<BR><BR>ABSENT: None<BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz supported by Nikkola to approve minutes of January 18, 2011 Public Hearing & Regular Meetings, January 25, 2011 Special Meeting & Study Session, February 1, 2011 Regular Meeting, February 8, 2011 Special Meeting, February 15, 2011 Regular Meeting, March 1, 2011 Regular Meeting & March 15, 2011 Regular Meeting as presented with two corrections to February 8 Special Meeting with the School Board: Zupec was absent and Sheddy left the meeting at 6:35pm. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>ADDITIONS TO AGENDA:<BR><BR>Addition 9Bii - Fire Chief Memo- Tornado drill<BR><BR> Addition 11G - Terry's Operational Services Invoice<BR><BR>Addition 13M - Boathouse Request<BR><BR> Addition 13N - appointment to Charter Commission<BR><BR>Moved by Zupec supported by Salerno to approve additions A-D as listed above to the agenda. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>MAYOR'S REPORT<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba met with Jim Preblich and Rick Sand regarding the Forest Service Tanker Base Lease. They will have a proposal for next council meeting. The council had several questions on the current lease, including: what the time limit is to get rid of a building; and what is considered a spill? Skraba clarified they are going through the process with the MPCA on Storm water runoff and clean-up and those questions should be answered when they are finished. Currently the negotiating committee consists of Mayor Skraba, Clerk Boese, Attorney Klun, Airport Manager Preblich and a representative from the Airport Commission. Council member Nikkola volunteered to serve on the committee as an additional council representative.<BR><BR>Skraba verified that the comment on the radio about the Vikings bringing their camp to Ely was indeed an April fool's joke.<BR><BR>Skraba reminded everyone of the fundraising event for the Ely Food Shelf called "Empty Bowl" to be held next Tuesday, April 12th at St. Anthony's Church.<BR><BR>CONSENT AGENDA:<BR><BR>Smile Your Ely - Wed., April 20th - Authorize council and staff to attend<BR><BR>Authorize Mayor to attend MN Mayors Association Annual Conference April 29-30, 2011<BR><BR>Authorize staff to attend LMC Regional Safety Group At Mt. Iron on April 6th <BR><BR>Moved by Salerno supported by Zupec to approve consent agenda items A-C as presented. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>REQUESTS TO APPEAR:<BR><BR>Kurt Soderberg, Alternative Energy Task Force Chairman presented an update on the District Heating System Project which consists of a hot water biomass system using wood waste. 385 homes and businesses would benefit from this system. Soderberg stated that the goal is to have no general fund obligation on the part of the City for this project. They have applied for grant funds from the U.S. Forest Service and would like to submit an abstract for an $8.5M grant from the Department of Energy. <BR><BR>Moved by Salerno and supported by Sheddy for the Task Force to approve the submission of the abstract to the Department of Energy to see if there is interest in the project. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Sue Spencer, software developer, spoke on the Heart of the Continent Partnership and her idea of creating generic software that is parameterized for individual communities to have greater access and enjoyment of their public lands. The software would allow kids to download and share environmental information through their social networks. Sue extended an invitation to the council members to join a team for the 2011 International Community Congress workshop that will be held in Thunder Bay Canada, October 24-27, 2011.<BR><BR>COMMITTEE REPORTS<BR><BR>Council member Sheddy thanked all those involved in the "Got Heat" campaign.<BR><BR>Council member Omerza stated she will be going to the Future of the League Task Force Meeting in St. Paul on Thurs., April 7 regarding issues facing Minnesota Cities. She asked council members for any ideas or issues that she should be aware of to discuss at the meeting. <BR><BR>Omerza reminded everyone of the EADA Mixer on May 4th at 5:00pm where the Playground Task Force will review their plans for the new playground in Whiteside Park.<BR><BR>Omerza gave update on LMC Legislative Action Days which she and Mayor Skraba attended in St. Paul on March 23rd & 24th where they spoke with various Senators and Legislative officials regarding issues facing Ely.<BR><BR>Omerza reminded everyone that there is an opening on the Library Board for a new member. She also asked Clerk Boese to communicate with Chuck Novak on the Hospital Ambulance Committee regarding the need for their updated minutes since no minutes have been received since August, 2010.<BR><BR>Nikkola restated the Council's intention for the Cities Emergency Response Policy, which is an addition to the employee policy and not a union contract addendum that the police officers currently employed are grandfathered in where they currently reside and any new employees must live within 10 miles of the City. Existing police officers are grandfathered in and can stay where they are at present.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba spoke on meetings he attended: LMC Legislative Action Days in St. Paul and got to meet with other Mayors and Counselors about Local Government Aid and how vital it is to small communities; spoke to Rotary on March 30th and thanked them for their work and support on the Whiteside Park Project and all they are doing for the community; Meeting today April 5th on request for proposals on Economic Development. It will be contracted out and not to a city employee. It will be brought to EEDA to act on.<BR><BR>DEPARTMENTAL REPORTS<BR><BR>Clerk-Treasurer<BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz and supported by Salerno to approve Memorandums of Understanding from AFSCME Local #1490 and LELS Local #55 regarding the part-time police officer. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Boese reported on the Clerk's Conference she attended March 15-18 which was held in St. Cloud. This conference allowed her to earn enough continuing education credits to maintain her status as a MN Certified Municipal Clerk.<BR><BR>Moved by Omerza and supported by Nikkola to approve the Budget Adjustment #2011-001 as follows: 602-49490-230 decrease $10,000 and 602-49490-531 increase $10,000. Motion carried unanimously. <BR><BR>Moved by Omerza and supported Debeltz to approve the 2011 designated funds as follows: <BR><BR>Pillow Rock #101-24000 $1,125.00<BR><BR>Cafeteria Plan #1201-24406 $19,776.77<BR><BR>Vets Plat Cemetery #101-24411 $432.00<BR><BR>Spaulding Improvements #101-24414 $25,491.60<BR><BR>Library Renovation #211-25310 $20,056.29<BR><BR>Library Improvements #211-25311 $14,225.99 <BR><BR>TOTAL $81,107.65<BR><BR>Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Fire Chief<BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz and supported by Omerza to accept the Zambelli Fireworks quote of $20,000 for this year's 4th of July. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>The Tornado Drill will sound on April 14, 2011 at 1:45pm and then every 1st Wednesday of each month during the summer months. <BR><BR>On April 14th from 5p to 9p Ely Bloomenson Hospital will be hosting a preparedness fair at Vermillion Community College.<BR><BR>Library Director<BR><BR>Director Heinrich informed the council and public that David Housewright, a Minnesota mystery writer will be conducting a book signing and program at the Library on Friday at 6:00 pm. The program is funded by the Legacy Program.<BR><BR>City Operations Director <BR><BR>EUC Consent Agenda Items: The following items of business were recommended for approval at the regular EUC meeting of Wednesday, March 23, 2011:<BR><BR>Approved increasing the hourly wage for the Water/Wastewater Chief Operator by $2.31 to $24.70 per hour effective April1, 2011.<BR><BR>Approved payment of the February, 2011 bills for $377,956.57.<BR><BR>Moved by Zupec supported by Salerno to approve EUC consent agenda items 1 & 2 as presented above. Motion carried unanimously. <BR><BR>Director Langowski stated that Inver-Tech is working at the waste water treatment plant and has been creating an annoying noise by Shagawa Lake but should be done by the end of the week. Bids were taken for the Water Plant Demolition Project and by June 1st Project should be completed. Street cleaning will begin soon and once that is done, calendar parking restrictions will be lifted.<BR><BR>City Attorney<BR><BR>It was agreed to move the annexation discussion to the next study session.<BR><BR>COMMUNICATIONS <BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz and supported by Zupec to send "Thank You" notes to Eagles Nest Township, Stony River Township and Fall Lake Township for their Library donations. Motion carried unanimously. Heinrich clarified that a portion of the property taxes paid goes to the Regional Library System and not to individual city libraries, but these donations go directly to the Ely Library.<BR><BR>Mayor Skraba will be attending the International Lake of the Woods & Rainy River Watershed Task Force public meeting on April 6th.<BR><BR> <BR><BR>CLAIMS FOR PAYMENT <BR><BR>City and EUC claims for March, 2011- $836,301.92<BR><BR>RLK, Invoice #1, Water Treatment Plant Demolition $778.75<BR><BR>RLK, Invoice #2, City Engineer 2010-2011 $0.00<BR><BR>RLK, Invoice #16, Central Avenue Improvements $812.50<BR><BR>St. Louis County Lease - Hidden Valley $5,732.46<BR><BR>US Bank-Go Refunding bonds of 2003 - $431.25<BR><BR>Terry's Operational Services - $1,312.49<BR><BR>Moved by Nikkola supported by Debeltz to approve payment of claims A-G as listed above. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>OLD BUSINESS<BR><BR>Moved by Salerno supported by Zupec to waive readings in entirety of all ordinances and resolutions on tonight's agenda. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Sheddy requested help from public works department to clean up the vegetation along the fence around the Old County Garage property to make it more presentable for selling. <BR><BR>NEW BUSINESS<BR><BR>Dee's Bar request for a Sunday Liquor License will be reviewed by City Attorney and brought to the next council meeting for further discussion. <BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz and supported by Zupec to approve the request for On-Sale Liquor License by Matt Roderick and Tracy Anderson who are the new owners of "The Chocolate Moose" restaurant. Roll Call: Debeltz-yes, Nikkola-yes, Omerza-yes, Salerno-yes, Sheddy-yes, Zupec-yes and Mayor Skraba-yes. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Moved by Omerza and supported by Debeltz to appoint Jeremiah Day's to the Park and Recreation Board. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Moved by Nikkola supported by Salerno to set the end date for accepting applications to the Charter Commission for April 15th by 4:30pm and then send the names to the Charter Commission for review. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Moved by Nikkola and supported by Debeltz to have a joint meeting at the Charter Commission at the study session on April 26th. Motion carried unanimously. <BR><BR>Moved by Nikkola and supported by Sheddy to approve the 1st reading of the Rental Licensing Ordinance. It was disclosed that Council members Omerza, Nikkola and Sheddy are landlords. Roll Call: Debeltz-yes, Nikkola-yes, Omerza-yes, Salerno-yes, Sheddy-yes, Zupec-yes and Mayor Skraba-yes. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Tim Brennan of the Ely Bowling Center requested permission to have outdoor music on Sunday, May 29th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Monday July 4th from 8:00pm to 12:00 midnight, and Sunday September 4th from 6:00 pm to 12 am. Moved by Debeltz and supported by Zupec to approve these nights and to work with the police and the neighborhood to ensure it is run efficiently. After discussion Debeltz amended his motion Zupec amended his support to approve the two nights at 9:00 pm and July 4th night to 10:00 pm and it will be brought back to the next council meeting for decision on this matter pending Attorney Klun's review on the options of amending the ordinance to allow music until midnight on July 4th. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Attorney Klun will review the request for release of easement on Block 6, Lots 3-12, Zaverl's Addition and the issue will be discussed at the next meeting.<BR><BR>Moved by Omerza and supported by Sheddy to approve a Youth Volunteer of the Year Award pending review by Attorney Klun. Motion carried unanimously. An ad will be put in the paper by the Clerk's office.<BR><BR>Moved by Zupec and supported by Debeltz to have the DNR Hidden Valley Lease amended from its present format to add intent of its use and then reviewed by Attorney Klun prior to approval. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Moved by Zupec and supported by Salerno to send letters to the surrounding areas and Townships asking for assistance to offset the cost for the Hidden Valley Lease since it is used by all and not just Ely residents. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR>Moved by Debeltz and supported by Nikkola to approve the Boathouse request to include their parking lot on the liquor license to host an outside event this summer and to work with Police Department on this matter. Motion carried unanimously. <BR><BR>Moved by Nikkola supported by Salerno to adjourn the meeting at 7:44 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.<BR><BR> <BR><BR>Terri Boese<BR><BR>Clerk/Treasurer<BR><BR>Ely Echo 4/23/2011