Ely Tourism launches The Ely Channel on April 1, 2014

Today the Ely Chamber is announcing it will go big on the small screen — and launch a 24/7 all-Ely, all-the-time network — The Ely Channel. It will include Iron Range Chef, Sauna Wars (heavily pixilated for FCC compliance) and a singalong, call-in show, Campfire! Ely Channel shows: S’more Boss. Or DNR: Cold Case Unit, Outfits of the Outfitters, Gone Dogsleddin’ and Nice ‘n’ Short Resort Report.

Ask your cable provider about getting the Ely Channel. Who doesn’t need a little more Ely in their life? For more on The Ely Channel, or to book a trip to see America’s Coolest Small Town, visit http://www.ely.org .