Talking mining not on Bakk’s list

Sen. Tom Bakk (DFL-Cook) chatted with Kurt Erickson of Ely.


by Nick Wognum

Call it a friendly holiday visit. Divisive topics like mining were not discussed when Sen. Tom Bakk (DFL-Cook) spoke at the Tuesday group this week.
The topics focused on St. Paul and the upcoming legislative session. Missing in discussion: mining.
In attendance were a number of outspoken critics of mining but the conversation never veered into PolyMet, Twin Metals or sulfides.
Whether this was due to it being Christmas week or Bakk’s oratory skills, the hour long talk was more of an inside look at St. Paul from one of Minnesota’s political leaders.
As the Senate majority leader, Bakk is one of the big three along with Kurt Daudt, the newly elected speaker of the house and just re-elected Gov. Mark Dayton.
Bakk and the rest of state senate weren’t on the ballot in November but they are well aware of the results. The Republicans took control of the House, creating a situation that led to disaster in the 1980s.
Bakk said there’s already a state of confusion in St. Paul due to the massive renovation project going on at the Capital.
The $272 million project will bring the capital building back to “look as much like it did when it opened in 1905.” Windows and skylights...

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