Kiln yard, outdoor theater part of $1.1 million in renovations at VCC

by Tom Coombe

When classes begin at Vermilion Community College next month and students return to campus, they’re certain to notice the results of a $1.1 million construction project that is currently underway.
Thanks to state funding appropriations, science laboratories and art classrooms at Vermilion are under renovation.
But perhaps the most noticeable change is outdoors, in a courtyard area between the school’s cafeteria, dormitory and fine arts theater.
That’s where an outdoor kiln yard and amphitheater are being constructed.
“There’s the addition of the outdoor kiln yard,” said Binal. “Out there will be a wood-fired kiln, a gas-fired kiln, a blast furnace for bronze casting. It will also be a spot for some other specialty art, such as paddle building, and some of the things that are messier.”
The kiln yard will serve as a boost to the school’s art programs, but the area will also serve the entire campus community.
“The reason it’s an interesting building is we decided to make the front side into sort of an outdoor amphitheater, with a stage on the front side,” said Bina.
Plans call for Vermilion to conduct new student orientation in the amphitheater area, and even outdoor movies when the weather allows.
“It will be just a place for outdoor student productions, with seating on the hillside,” said Bina. “I would certainly expect it to have some good community uses as well.”
Plans call for all of the projects to be completed in time for the start of Vermilion’s school year in late-August.