Hook and Bullet Club - Waiting for the good times

by Nick Wognum

At three weeks past my knee replacement surgery I’m still waiting for the good times to roll.
My recovery has been hampered by a damaged nerve that has left me without feeling in the bottom of my foot. This has made walking difficult and kept me from recovering as quickly as I had hoped.
All of this is due to developing an allergy to cobalt in the first knee replacement two years ago.
My super awesome physical therapist Liz tells me I’m doing much better in being able to bend my knee than where I was at two years ago. That’s the real good news and I’m happy to hear it.
My doctor tells me the surgery went over two hours and even though they take a break and undo the tourniquet around the leg during the surgery, that’s what likely caused the problem.
There is no magic drug out there, just the tried and hopefully true medical advice of letting time heal the nerve. My doctor said it’s the sciatic nerve that has been affected, but since I can move my foot, the feeling should come back.
My question from the time I woke up has been the same: When?
I’ve heard several different time frames, from three to four weeks to thee to four months to up to eight months. Since I’m at the three week mark, I’m going to go ahead and rule that one out. And just like in the Olympics I’m going to rule out the highest number and go with the Russian judge.
I’ve been very fortunate in many ways. My family has gone above and beyond to keep me comfortable. My co-workers have made sacrifices so I can work from home much of the time through the miracle of the internet.
And, in the big picture of life, this is a minor stumble that will pass in time.
I was thinking of that on Wednesday when Mary was to pick me up at work for a physical therapy appointment. I made it out the back door of the Echo and just stood outside.
The fresh air was exhilarating and I watched icicles form in the warm afternoon sun. Even sounds were louder as I stood with my walker and took it all in.
That five minute vacation from the living room (which has been transformed into Nick’s bedroom and office) was heavenly.
I know it will be some time before I can stand on the deck at the shack and look up at the tops of the Norway pines swinging in the wind. The sauna stove will be percolating and I’ll find that inner sense of calm that comes when there are no computers around and creature comforts are in short supply.
That night around 6 p.m. my buddy Rob reminded me of what awaits when he sent a picture of opening the sauna door at his parents’ house.
I replied with the hashtag jealous and he knew his picture had hit home. Time will heal this wound. Then there will need to be sauna time to heal the soul.