Hook and Bullet Club - Go outside!

Weekends are usually a time to get outside. This time of year can be a roll of the dice as to what’s available from snowmobiling to standing on the ice, fishing for crappies. With the recent warm spell, a trip to the shack might even be in order.
But my damaged sciatic nerve is keeping me from doing much outside following knee replacement surgery five weeks ago. Last weekend was spent binge watching “House of Cards” on Netflix. A baker’s dozen of one hour episodes over two days.
Sure there’s always work to do and a computer waiting like a puppy with a tennis ball. But all work and no play makes Nick long for a walk in the woods.
I don’t know if the snow is melted out at the shack right now. Usually our south facing exposure means an early melt or a skating rink depending on the amount of rain.
Last year our final trip of the winter season to the shack went from snowmobiling in on a white, hard-packed trail to grinding across bare patches of trail on the way out.
From videos posted on Facebook I see the river from Trout Lake has opened up a good stretch on Lake Vermilion, bringing dozens and dozens of snowmobiles to the popular spring spot.
The “water skips” is a free people watching event including plenty of attempts to show how a snowmobile can carve up open water.
Today’s forecast shows a temperature closing in on 60 degrees which means you might want to get there early to get a good viewing spot.
We usually trailer over to Soudan and ride across Vermilion on snowmobiles to get there. Not that you couldn’t drive over in a vehicle or on a wheeler if the ice is thick enough, but riding a sled is more fun.
Evan has been suffering from end of the season riding depression with the snow melting. I told him some of my favorite riding memories are touring area lakes on a sunny Saturday in late March, just cruising along the shoreline.
Get outside and enjoy whatever Mother Nature has chosen to offer us. I guarantee it’s better than a weekend spent watching Netflix.