Trout Whisperer - He nails it

He nails it
When nobody is looking, and for no good reason, he will build a bench, a chair, a wood duck house a bluebird nest box, a picnic table, and one time, a set of stairs.
With absolutely no fanfare he will perch a wood style Adirondack chair along a river bank, where he particularly appreciates the view and he thinks others would as well.
He will slap up a nesting box on his drive to work, might be for a wren, a bluebird, lord only knows, and if he is canoeing he may have with him a wood duck house. Then if he spies a tree he thinks looks just right, he just paddles over to shore, points the opening towards the shade, and nails it to a tree, all for free.
Several churches in the local community have his picnic tables; one charter school has six of them. I’d like one myself, lord knows I’ve bugged him about it enough, but he aint in to that. He says you go make your own.
If he finds a path with a spot where maybe some passerby would need a rest, he will go home, bring back a bench.
Over the years he has snuck stuff into some pretty neat places, without pay, no notes in the local newspaper about his quiet generosity, and he aint needing a pat on the back. He aint looking to get paid for it. I think my favorite bench of his sits by the mouth of a river that flows out into a big ol’ lake.
It’s a very popular spot and the kids growing up over the years have carved every, bobby loves sue, in just about every inch of that bench.You can sit on the bench or just stand there and read it, without finding his name, anywhere.
-- The trout whisperer