Trout Whisperer - Pert, near

Pert, near
I drive home on this road just about every day, and just about every day, he ain’t at his mailbox when I go past. But since his Mrs. passed this February I bet his daily routine has changed a bit, so I slow down to be neighborly and say hi.
Now I don’t want to mention his recent sad news, so I ask him if all his heifers have finished calving for this year.
He looks out at his pasture, says he has one first year heifer to go, then there’ll be pert near done. He looks back at me and says it’s been a big change this spring, that’s fer sure.
I said, I bet it has.
He says two of his kids will be coming home again this weekend. They will help him learn more about paying bills.
He says he never paid a bill in his life, the Mrs. took care of that. “She’d just give me some pocket money once in a while, ” he said. So he had some cash to go have coffee with the other fellers, if he felt like it.
He said the last month he didn’t go to coffee on Sundays ’cause he didn’t have no cash. If one of the other fellers wouldn’t have showed him how to get some pocket cash out of the bank, he still wouldn’t have been able to go. But he says he found out what a debit card is or he wouldn’t have been able to go last week. He says little by little, things is getting pert near where he can work ’em.
He asks me if I have a minute, I say sure. So he walks over to the passenger side of my truck and climbs up in and I drive him up to the house.
He points at the front door, says, “Evra morn’in, she would step out there in her cooking clothes; she kept two cookies in each pocket for her deer.
“Them does didn’t know if they were gonna get a ginger snap cookie, a peanut-shaped peanut butter cookie, or a vanilla wafer. But they came to her pert near evra morn’in, so now I just set the cookies on the stoop.
“They aint used to me yet, but maybe someday they will be.”
-- The trout whisperer