Hook and Bullet Club - Volunteers install signage

STOPPING along the Prospector Loop were a group of volunteers last Saturday. Photos by Nick Wognum.

Signage was installed on another section of the Prospector Loop ATV trail last weekend.
There were 10 of us clearing trees and putting up signage from Hwy. 1 heading east to the Knotted Pine. We made it a few miles past what I call the 9-10-11 intersection before too many downed trees stopped our progress.
Each section of the trail has a number. Nine goes from the Babbitt trail to the Knotted Pine intersection. From there you can take 10 to the bar or 11 and head to the Trestle Inn and Crooked Lake Resort.
We had awesome weather and a great time. Along with my wife Mary our work crew included Elroy Kuehl, Pam Klubben, Carl Lekatz, Neil and Terri Olson, Dave Soular, Gene Wright and Jerome Weiner.
We’re going to need heavy equipment to clear the hundreds of downed trees east of Arrowhead Road. The Forest Service has made it clear if it’s meant to be open, it’s up to us to clear it.
That’s okay. We still had a great day. I couldn’t have planned a better way to spend my birthday.