From the miscellaneous drawer - Foreign visitors

August 21-23 Ely will be the designation for 10 worldly journalists.
Over the years, one journalist reported on the clashes in Dublin by the Irish Republican Army and how the newspaper survived.
Another journalist later had to move her family out of Zimbabwe to avoid the vengeance of country’s tyrant.
One journalist was brash enough while in the U.S. that she talked her way into a party being held for a presidential candidate and the following year was one of the first journalists on the scene of Diana’s tragic car crash in Paris.
Two journalists from opposing and adjacent Mediterranean countries became friends and resources for each other after their stay in the U.S.
One journalist was the winner of the international 1993 Courage in Journalism Award for continuing to publish in Sarejevo after war broke out.
One journalist recited poems of Li Po in Mandarin Chinese to an appreciative listener into the night.
Each year, for many more years than I can remember, journalists have found their visit to Ely to be a favorite. And for many hosts, it is the highlight of their year.
We’re working to improve the acoustics for the Forum and welcome everyone to attend this special event. It’s free but there is a fee to take part in the lunch.
* * *
In the Ely Echo of May 13, 1996, twenty years ago, the headlines were:
• Northern Grounds Cafe, art gallery will open soon in former Klun’s store
• Superintendent Hegman says: Every pothole filled in 30 days
• Wellstone seeks mediation in BWCAW dispute; Grams, Vento bills at opposite ends on spectrum
• Jackpine Bob’s View: An environmentalist is an expert on natural resources at least 100 miles away from where he lives.
• Two teacher layoffs on school board agenda
• Horse drawn carriage request trotted before city council
• Drop in state-aid leads to reductions at VCC