Hook and Bullet Club - Snow, smear and moose

If you were in a tent the night before fishing opener in the Ely area, you can take home the diehard fisherman award.
Temps around 35 degrees, a strong wind and snow made for miserable weather for the 2016 fishing opener. That didn’t stop people from going. Well, it stopped some of us.
We were heading up the Echo Trail Friday night for a planned dinner at one of the restaurants in the Crane Lake area.
When we reached Ed Shave Lake, two things happened at just about the same time. First, it started to snow so hard you could barely see the road ahead. Second, a buzzer went off and a light popped up on the dash of John Sjoberg’s pickup truck.
I looked over and said, “Uh-oh.”
“That’s not good,” said John.
The light was the indicator for low tire pressure. He pulled over and we got out to take a look.
Sure enough the right front tire was full of air on the top, but the bottom was looking more than a bit low. So much for supper in Crane Lake.
We broke the news to Mary and Rochelle and John turned around and pointed the truck back to Ely. A late start meant we would have to postpone the trip.
Plan B worked out pretty good though. We filled the tire with air, grabbed a portable pump and headed to John’s shack with food and beverages. It would be a night of playing smear while the wood stove kept us warm and the gas stove cooked our meal.
There’s something about a plan gone wrong that can make the night even better. We didn’t have electricity or running water. But we had a crackling wood stove, propane lights, a deck of cards and a good hearty meal. Shack life can be oh so good.
We played six card, four point smear instead of our regular five point, nine card game. John’s shack, John’s rules. That was fine with me. I had to remember not to bid thinking I had the jick or the bower as my brother in law would say. Still, good fun.
Stepping out on to the deck was an adventure when the snow covered the boards. Not wanting to try out a third knee replacement, I made sure to hang on to the railing.
On Saturday we had planned to try our luck jigging for walleyes but Evan and I conferred and made the smart decision to wait for warmer weather.
This gave me the opportunity to go out to my shack. I had one moose caught on a trail camera but he was too close for a perfect picture. I reset the camera and hoped he would come back.
Snow, smear and moose all in one weekend. Winner, winner.