Hook and Bullet Club - The good news

“We just need some good news for once,” I said to Mary on Saturday.
Another report of illness, this time from a cousin who is way too young to be in the shape she is in.
That news added to other bad news of friends with cancer made our discussion a somber one. We grieve for those suffering and for their families.
It had been another cold, rainy day in Ely and our spirits were as dark as the skies. We needed a boost, a shot of positive, some good news.
At around 11:15 p.m. Saturday night, our oldest son Jacob called and asked if we could gather around the phone.
We listened and wondered just what had happened that called for this near-midnight discussion.
Jacob calmly explained. We listened and to be honest, wondered. Was he pulling our leg? Was there something we had missed? Did we hear him correctly? Had his wife Kyah really just had a baby?
Our minds raced and tried to grasp such a crazy concept. How could there be a baby when we didn’t know she was pregnant? Wait. How could there be a baby when SHE didn’t know she was pregnant???
Jacob explained some more and slowly we began to piece together what can only be described as a miracle.
That morning the two of them had helped to set up a company picnic in Fargo. They hauled pop and ice, set up tables and made sure everything was in order. But around noon Kyah wasn’t feeling well and thought maybe she had the flu.
Jake took her home and kept an eye on her throughout the afternoon. He did yard work and checked in on her. Washed the dishes and checked in on her. But she just appeared to have the flu, nothing more.
Until a scream came and life changed in a flash.
Jacob called 911 and a dispatcher walked him thorough a home birth. But the baby didn’t need instructions, she was coming out on her own. By the time police, fire, first responders and the ambulance arrived, the Wognum household in Moorhead had a new addition and the population of Minnesota grew by one.
Kinlee Rae Wognum came into this world without anyone knowing she was coming. A miracle delivery for our first grandchild.
Mary, Megan, Evan and I trekked out west in the morning to meet her. Smiles, hugs, laughs and love. Good news had arrived and filled our hearts with joy. All the sadness we had been feeling diminished. Our faith was restored. The good news we had been searching for found us instead.

PROUD PARENTS Jacob and Kyah Wognum back at home with their newborn daughter Kinlee Rae, born June 4, 2016. Kinlee was 20 inches long and weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. when she was born in Moorhead, MN.