Hook and Bullet Club - Float time

On the Fourth of July for the first time in many years I wasn’t watching and/or taking pictures from the sidewalk. I was in the parade, driving a float for the Prospector Loop ATV Trail system.
Dave Lossing had kindly volunteered to not only allow us to display two units in the parade, he also gave us his company’s flat bed truck as well.
John Sjoberg joined me in the shotgun seat and my nephew Hunter Deinhammer rode in the back, tossing candy from the side by side.
We left at 9:45 a.m. for the 11 a.m. Tower parade. The parking area next to the civic center was packed with parade participants, from politicians to horses with plenty of manure being spread around.
John secured the banners on the side and I found the lady in charge to find out where we needed to be.
“You’ll be behind Zup’s,” she said.
That would limit our candy throwing for sure, but as it worked out we were ahead of the Zup’s truck that dumped candy by the box full.
The parade route was packed from start to finish, about four blocks long. Plenty of friendly faces and waves as we inched along.
When we reached the end I pulled over so we could unhook the banners and head for Ely.
We pulled in on Fourth Avenue just after noon and repeated the procedure.
“We should be on the list,” I said.
“We threw out the list about an hour ago,” she said.
So we ended up following the Klown Band which was foot-tapping awesome.
I told Hunter to take it easy on the candy throwing since Ely’s parade was way longer than the Tower route.
The three of us tossed M&Ms and Swedish Fish candies. The response was one-sided: people love Swedish Fish.
With one foot on the brake the whole time I kept a close eye on the kids darting out and the Klown Band doubling back from time to time.
To be honest both parades were a ton of fun. John and I laughed the whole way through. People were so happy and gave us plenty of thumbs up and positive comments.
If you’re looking for me on the Fourth of July next year, check the parade, I plan to be on a float.