From the miscellaneous drawer

Perhaps it is because I’m old and bored with standard television programming. Therefore I frequently flip channels to see what’s happening on the American Pickers television show on the History channel. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the era when there was so little we each had, that we treasured ’most everything. It’s interesting to see that others have been “treasuring” as well.
My favorite aunt gave me a daguerreotype union case which my great grandfather carried into the Civil War. I was about age 10 at the time and found it amazing with its beehive in relief on the front in what was made of gutta percha, an early version of plastic.
So when I received a phone call this week from the casting associate of American Pickers, I was pleased to be able to share info with our readers. Elyites are savers and collectors, be it cars, signs, memorabilia or just plain junk.
When posted on the Ely Echo’s Facebook site, it was promptly re-posted by many! Now what each and every collector needs to do is photograph their items and send those and the descriptions down for consideration. Hope to see Mike and Frank in Ely in August!
* * *
The Ely Greenstone Art Show & Sale winds up Satuday at 3 p.m. Hope you got a chance to view the marvelous art and bid in the Silent Auction. Next week the Ely Watercolor Club takes over the big room at Miners Dry House for its members’ exhibit which runs from Wednesday to Saturday.
August 13 is Holly Meeker-Rom’s Watercolor Class.
And the World Press Forum in August 22. And this year, the event will be able to be clearly heard, so plan on attending.
* * *
In the Ely Echo of July 15, 1996, twenty years ago, the headlines were:
• Grams’ proposal roadblocked at Senate hearing
• Arts, entertainment, auction at Ely Picnic in the Park
• Sale of Flesner building imminent
• School District dips into reserves to cover $100,000 shortfall; new counselor hired