From the miscellaneous drawer

We survived! Roadways, yards, and business properties are being restored.
For the most part, life is going on as necessary.
Area resorts reported that their guests, in general, pitched in to help with the clean-up. And the rare, complaining ones were willingly told “Farewell.”
In the “war” zones, the question lingers, “Did we take down all the ‘leaners’ and get all the damaged trees?”
Every summer storm may bring that question up again. In many places around Ely the landscape has changed.
As the winds charged through the forest, the weaker trees of popple, balsam and pine became a jumble of broken branches and trunks. How did the forest animals survive the terror?
The five deer which have shorn my hostas and munched through my yard are no longer seen.
And I have a new landscape, a new view of sunsets and the many vehicles passing by.
Life goes on.
* * *
In the Ely Echo of August 5, 1996, twenty years ago, the headlines were:
• Steve Park, Mike Hieb win Ely Canoe Derby
• Wed at Canadian Waters, they’ll paddle waterways on honeymoon trip
• BWCAW mediation starts in Duluth August 12; panel of 12 recommended
• Festival attendance estimated at 35,000
• Growth: How much is too much?