From the miscellaneous drawer - Paper

World Press Institute friends gathered this week - some from the days of Pidge Slabodnik Hodowonic in 1991 when world headlines included: Cease-fire ends Persian Gulf War; China accepts nuclear nonproliferation treaty; Boris Yeltsin becomes first freely elected president of Russian Republic.
While in Ely, the 1991 news revolved around lesser things...
Wall phones and portable bag phones kept us in touch with each other and the world was so far away - on television news reports and in daily newspapers.
With computers accessing the burgeoning internet we knew our lives were changing. We could not yet perceive how much our times and the world would change.
What we were to see in the years following was that those leaps forward in technology were to be succeeded shortly with ever more leaps forward in technology and the unrecognized constant would remain - paper.
Paper and the words thereon remand a record of thoughts and events that were so easily transported to electronic data which was even more easily replaced by constant technological improvements. Each “improvement” and each upgrade sought to replace the preceding, lesser ones.
In the ego of change, little or nothing was brought forward to provide a history or a record of the transitions.
The world may come to recognize the losses yet to be perceived in the course of progress during the digital/internet technological changes.
And while now there is a perception of “free” knowledge, the loss of that history will come with a price and the price may be freedom.
* * *
In the Ely Echo of August 26, 1996, twenty years ago, the headlines were:
• Jon Harris appointed to head VCC, Mesabi
• Echo to sponsor scarecrow contest for homes, businesses during Harvest Moon
• Incumbents in school, council races seek re-election
• First phase of Chapman project may be completed this year
• CWCS picnic event brings out politicians