From the miscellaneous drawer - I like my job

I like my job.
I started this job as publisher in the fall of 1977 and there was a lot to learn. In addition to learning Ely area family names, there was the matter of learning the roads and byways of journalism.
Then came offset presses, computers and the internet.
Now there is as another monstrous machine in my viewing and listening space. It’s for printing life-size and over-size posters. We’re still exploring its potential uses. Our customers already are availing themselves of the new printing product.
Answering the phone remains interesting to me too.
“What was the Ely newspaper in 1946? I called several places in Ely and they didn’t know,” an inquirer asked.
That’s an easy one. It was just the Ely Miner then. The Ely Iron Home and Ely Times which preceded the Miner had both ended by 1902. The Ely Miner ceased publication in 1986.
In the Echo entryway is a tattered copy of The Ely Leader dated November 29, 1935 which was “delivered to every home in Ely.” That now badly- yellowed page is the only Leader page we have ever seen.
When the City of Ely celebrated its centennial in 1988, the Ely Echo was the only newspaper locally. We were proud to present the 600-page book “Ely, Since 1888.” Now out of print, a few copies surface now and then. Amazon recently offered one in hardcover for under $60, about what it originally cost.
Did we make money on the book? I doubt it. We had 2-3 people working on it for well over a year. I went to the bank to borrow the $35,000 the printers had to have up front before they would begin printing. I paid it off with hard work, the same way I paid off the money I borrowed to buy the Echo in 1977.
Nothing comes cheap. You have to work for it and bear your own responsibilities for your actions. Guess that’s old fashioned. That’s me.
* * *
In the Ely Echo of September 9, 1996, twenty years ago, the headlines were:
• City to study annexation
• Mediation talks in Ely this week
• Salerno back in politics, files for council
• Irresistible celebrates construction start-up
• Crash, fire unit needed for airport