Hook and Bullet Club - Trail cameras

Trail cameras were the order of the day last Saturday for me and Millie, Megan’s golden retriever puppy.
We got out to the shack and spent the day in the woods. The temperature was just about right with just a touch of fall in the air.
In the back of the wheeler went our necessities for the day. A chainsaw, gas, oil, salt/mineral blocks, a pack with extra batteries and SD cards and an extra jacket.
Millie rode either on my lap or at my feet. She likes the wheeler but the chainsaw is another story. When I fired up the Stihl the first time she ran back to the wheeler and sat up on the seat. That was fine with me, one less thing to worry about it.
In May I had put a trail camera on a sapling on the edge of a beaver pond. I aimed the camera at the dam and hoped I would get to see what crossed from one side to the other.
The problem was getting to the beaver dam. It was at the end of a clear cut which made for treacherous walking. Without feeling in the bottom of my left foot, I really have to watch where I step.
Millie, on the other paw, seems to just bumble her way through the woods. She’s got a good nose and ventured off the trails we were on whenever she picked up a scent.
By one of our deer stands there was a very large, very fresh pile of moose poop. Millie was very interested in this. And like any puppy she sampled the goodies to see if this was possibly free puppy chow. I did my best to convince her it wasn’t.
When we finally got to the beaver dam I realized there was no way to check the photos. My iPad was back at the wheeler. So I grabbed the camera and left.
Back at the shack Millie hopped up on a chair and took a nap. I popped the card in the iPad connector and was surprised at the number of good photos. Bear, deer, beaver, ducks, an American Bittern, blue heron and the best one, a calf moose and a cow moose.
My trail camera snaps a photo and takes a 10 second video. The moose video shows the calf walking along the dam and into the water. Kind of reminded me of watching Millie walk in the woods - on a much larger scale.